Patients in our practice regularly ask themselves how they can effectively protect themselves from electrosmog. It is known that these high-frequency radiations, starting from cell phones, WLAN, radio masts, cordless phones and many other sparking devices are harmful to health. In this article you will learn what happens in the body and how you can effectively protect yourself from radiation.

Electrosmog – The influence on our biosystem

There are a large number of studies that prove that radiation has a negative effect on our health. If the radiation hits our cells as well as cell nuclei and DNA, it causes disturbances in the behavior of the cells. The communication between the cells as well as the proteins and enzymes are influenced in their regular course and thus disturbed.

Protection against the dangerous radiations

First of all, it is important to avoid the dangerous radiation as far as possible. This includes switching off the WLAN when it is not actively in use (especially at night), replacing cordless phones with cable phones, using the cell phone as little as possible and also switching it off at night. There is also the option of wiring the cell phone via an adapter and connecting it to a LAN plug so that no radio connection is required.

If your place of residence is in close proximity (less than 500 meters) to a radio mast, there is a high probability that the room is permanently exposed to massive radiation. This can be easily measured with a measuring device. You can either borrow such measuring devices or have the measurement done by a building biologist. If the measurement results in too much radiation, this is not a healthy habitat. It is necessary to shield the room from radiation.

But not only in our own four walls is our body exposed to dangerous electrosmog. Especially when travelling, such as at work, at school or on public transport or premises, there are radiation fields everywhere, the shutdown of which is usually not at our discretion. Nevertheless, there are various ways to harmonize them and strengthen the body.

There are different methods to test the below mentioned technologies for their effectiveness. These are:

1. autonomous regulatory diagnostics makes it possible to check the autonomous nervous system and its reaction to radiation.
2. darkfield microscopy shows how the radiation affects the charge safety of the cells. Our cells have a charge by which they repel each other. Due to electrosmog, they lose this charge for a moment, for example for ten to thirty minutes, depending on the duration of the influence. The cells stick together, the blood becomes thicker and therefore less flowable. Health problems with the blood circulation can therefore be caused by electrosmog.
3. heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of how the heart responds to stress

After adding the various techniques described, the patient is re-examined. The effectiveness of the following techniques has already been successfully demonstrated:

1st Vita Chip: The so-called Vita Chip is attached to various devices such as the cell phone, the WLAN router, the telephone or even the baby monitor. This does not reduce the radiation, but modulates it. This means that the devices then function as a kind of bioresonance device. They therefore contain a health-giving information that they pass on to the human organism, which is perceived as positive by most people. These chips are relatively cheap and the installation is simple. The disadvantage, however, is that the Vita Chip has to be attached to each device individually and therefore cannot have any influence on the radiation outside our living space.

2. the technology of the company Qi Blanco – a more portable cell protection: this system offers the possibility to protect the body directly from all external radiation influences. The chip contained in the system creates a static field that stimulates water molecules in the body to change into a coherent state. The water crystals align themselves in a geometric structure and thus act like a Faraday cage. As soon as radiation arrives, it flows past. This system works with any kind of high-frequency radiation and therefore protects you perfectly. The company Qi Blanco offers protection in the form of a chain (QiOne, QiOne 2 Pro) and in the form of a home system.

You will get the best protection if you combine all three options: avoid radiation if possible, attach some Vita Chips to your electronic devices and use the Qi Blanco system. Since the costs are not necessarily insignificant, you can use one of the options at first.

To protect yourself and your health as much as possible from 5G and electrosmog, it is advisable to follow these tips. Thus, radiation can be avoided or at least harmonized. Experience shows that the effect is quite fast.


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