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About us:

We - Daniela and Matthias Cebula - are alternative practitioners and therapists in the beautiful Bamberg in Franconia. And we are enthusiastic parents: We involve our three wonderful children in everything.

Our history is typical for the children of the 1970s: bottle feeding instead of breastfeeding, vaccinations, far too many antibiotics, amalgam fillings, sweets, fast food, eating in bags, etc. Like so many others, we too had to struggle with the corresponding health problems: allergies, hay fever, dental problems, bad blood values, skin rashes and joint problems were the order of the day. For Matthias it was especially bad: If he entered the living space of a cat, his eyes watered immediately.

At some point we decided to put an end to it. We devoured hundreds of books about detoxification, health and nutrition and gradually adopted an increasingly healthy lifestyle.

Our mission

Whether with children or with a desire to have children - the health of young families is particularly close to our heart. That's why we do everything we can to ensure that they become healthy and stay that way in the long term.

Chronic suffering is often simply accepted because there seems to be no solution. Especially for allergies, gastro-intestinal problems, immune deficiencies, intolerances, exhaustion, skin diseases and headaches, traditional medicine often has no answer.

Just like us you should become a sovereign and independent expert for the health of yourself and your family.

That's our mission - Be there!!

Daniela and Matthias Cebula

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