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Water against cancer

The effect of water in our body If we want to avoid cancer and stay healthy, drinking enough water is immensely important. Among other things, water ensures that the lymph fluids flow better and thus the cell supply functions much better. Provided that we have enough good water in the body, the whole removal of […]


The main cause of MS

Multiple sclerosis is associated with various symptoms and mainly affects the central nervous system. In different zones of the brain, something decomposes, that is, scleroses. With the help of imaging techniques, the lesions can be localized and thus determined. MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the brain and in particular the sheaths of the […]


Chalk teeth – causes and solutions

Chalk teeth or “MIH” (abbreviation for molar incisor hypomineralization), means that there is insufficient mineralization of the molars and frontal teeth. More and more children suffer from this disease, in which their teeth crumble away, so to speak. The teeth discolor easily and break off under normal biting pressure, such as when eating. This happens […]