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How healthy is cocoa really?

Is cocoa actually healthy or unhealthy? There are many different opinions on this subject. First of all, it is important to distinguish between pure cocoa and chocolate, which usually contains milk and sugar. The latter, of course, belongs to the unhealthy foods. Our article is about the pure raw cocoa as well as the high […]


Softeners in plastic bottles

In recent years, the issue of plastics has become very important, not least due to climate change. However, certain components from plastic packaging, especially PET bottles, are not only harmful to our environment, but also to our health. The plastic bottles, for example, release toxic substances such as BPA into the contents. This dangerous substance […]


Prevent Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological brain disorder that is usually acquired and not congenital. If certain circumstances are present, a healthy brain can become ill. Basically, in PD, the substantia nigra, a substance in the midbrain responsible for producing dopamine, is damaged. As the disease progresses, it is destroyed more and more. As a result, […]



In the interview with Maria and Marco from Sauer-macht-glücklich we learned a lot about fermentation. The two found their way to lactic acid vegetables primarily through a change in diet. In their mid-20s, they were regularly plagued by infections and abdominal pain. Over time, they have changed many habits and started to eat more naturally […]

Boron and Borax – essential for the body

Boron or borax is a mineral that occurs naturally in our soil. It is also a mineral that should be part of our daily diet because it is essential for our health. Boron is found primarily in plant foods, which draw it directly from the soil on which it grows. The mineral is particularly rich […]


Restore from ROOT Brands

In today’s post, we’ll introduce you to another highly recommended product from ROOT Brands. We recommend taking the already presented Clean Slate product in conjunction with the Restore, but this is not a must. For us personally, the subject of improving the body in the form of biohacking has been present for over 10 years.Basically, […]