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Intermittent fasting – the right way

Over intermittent chamfering, also as interval chamfering or 16:8 designated, is already reported for some years. Intermittent chamfered is a clearly healthier and easier alternative to extensive chamfering cures, which can be possibly even harmful for the health. How intermittent fasting works and what advantages it brings, you will learn in this article. Intermittent fasting […]


5G and electrosmog – The best tips

Patients in our practice regularly ask themselves how they can effectively protect themselves from electrosmog. It is known that these high-frequency radiations, starting from cell phones, WLAN, radio masts, cordless phones and many other sparking devices are harmful to health. In this article you will learn what happens in the body and how you can […]


Cold is healthy – Biohacking

Biohacking is a way to optimize yourself and your body in a natural way. With which method you can optimize your body in its function, so that it becomes more durable, healthier and naturally stable, you will learn in this article. Exposed to the cold When you expose yourself to cold, very amazing processes happen […]

Fermented vegetables – a blessing for health

Fermented vegetables are a real blessing for our intestines and an incredibly valuable food. In our culture the fermented vegetable has unfortunately fallen into oblivion. In the past, fermentation was mainly used for shelf life, as there were no refrigerators at that time. This knowledge has been lost more and more over time. Many of […]


Sport for sport mufflers

I have too much to do. I have no time. I’m tired in the evening. Many people feel this way or something similar when it comes to doing sport regularly. There are all kinds of excuses, but all with the same result: you don’t do sports. Nevertheless, exercise is extremely important for our health. In […]


Beware of Laureth Sulfate

Sodium Laureth Sulfate, also Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – What is this actually and how harmful is it for our skin and our health? The so-called laureth sulphate is a surfactant, i.e. a washing-active substance which binds dirt and also has a fat-dissolving effect. This tenside is contained in shampoo and shower gel, but also in […]



The bowel movement does not come regularly, you feel uncomfortable, you are bloated and the bowel obviously does not work as it should. The cause? Constipation. In this article you will learn what it means to suffer from constipation, where this problem comes from and what you can do about it. What happens in the […]

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Glyphosate is a pesticide that is used for weed control in agriculture, but also for personal use. This is mainly contained in the well-known remedy “Roundup” from Monsanto. In this article you can read about the health effects of glyphosate and why it is still used. The history of glyphosate The main component of today’s […]