Autism is a large clinical picture in which the main symptom is a disturbance in the ability to process external stimuli in the brain. The brain is the central unit that processes all stimuli that enter the organism from outside. In autistic people this processing of stimuli is blocked in some way. What exactly this means and how the symptoms can be improved is explained in this article.

Autism in general

In an autistic child, the disease starts with very mild learning difficulties and can progress to complete autism
will do. At such a stage, man is no longer able to participate in his environment, he needs protected space and a lot of time and rest for himself to feel comfortable. The autistic person has problems with even the smallest changes in his environment. This spectrum of forms is called the autistic form circle.

The autistic form circle includes many disease patterns, such as ADHD, ADHD and certain learning disorders, which affect many children. There are possibilities to treat autistic people. Regular treatment successes prove this.

The causes of autism

1. Poisoning

Toxins, especially heavy metals such as mercury and aluminium are regularly detected in the brains of children with autism. There, they disrupt the processing of stimuli and prevent the right and left hemispheres of the brain from working together properly. Those affected usually have a poorer ability to detoxify the body on their own. The toxins place a heavy burden on the brain. This problem can hardly be detected before the disease begins.

The burden begins in the womb. If the mother has a lot of heavy metals from, for example, dental fillings or smoking, sixty percent of these are already transferred to the child through the placenta before birth. The child cannot deal with the toxins, so they already burden the brain before birth.

In addition, vaccinations contain heavy metals, which lead to severe problems in children who are exposed to toxins. Vaccinations should definitely be considered. In general, it is best to wait with vaccinations until the child is 2 years old, because then the blood-brain barrier is no longer open and the numerous toxins of the vaccination no longer reach the brain directly. But even then the toxins are an unnecessary burden for the child. The waiting period also gives you the opportunity to monitor your child for any symptoms from the autistic form. If there are even the slightest signs, or if the child has difficulties with detoxification, then one should not vaccinate under any circumstances. A genetic test for the ability to detoxify offers more security here.

Chemicals from the environment and nutrition also put a strain on the body. Therefore, a clean and organic diet is extremely important. Problems in the lymphatic system caused by infections must be eliminated. For example, chronic tonsillitis can be a source of infection in the body, and by removing it the optimal lymphatic flow in the body can be restored.


2. Problems in the intestine due to food intolerances  Unhealthy foods such as gluten, wheat and dairy products increasingly lead to food intolerances. These cause slight inflammations in the intestine, which inhibit the absorption of nutrients. These “silent inflamations” can lead to a permeable intestine through which toxins enter the lymphatic system. Inflammatory cytokines thus end up in the brain and make it more difficult for it to function. In autistic patients, the identification of incompatible foods and subsequent avoidance can be very helpful.

3. Infections  It has been regularly established that infections are partly responsible for autism. The body is weakened by toxins, inflammations in the intestines and infections. These infections may have already reached the child during pregnancy or in the birth phase. These are infections with retroviruses, parasites in the intestines, herpes viruses, fungi as well as bacteria such as streptococci, borrelia and many more. The treatment of such infections has already shown many improvements in the symptoms of autistic children.

4. Exposure to electrosmog  Electrosmog plays a major role in our environment, but is nevertheless often swept under the table. It is important for children and adults suffering from autism to avoid any exposure to radiation. WLAN and mobile phone should be available in the bedroom. must be switched off and the smartphone must be set to flight mode. The best way to disconnect the power completely at the sleeping place is to unscrew the fuse.

Children with autism are often very affine to smartphones and tablets, but they should only be given them when they are offline. The radiation drives the brain crazy and it cannot work properly. Especially at night the regeneration in the body, even in healthy people, is disturbed by radiation.

The electro-smog load in a room, for example in the children’s room, can be measured and, if necessary, the clinical picture requires a complete shielding of the room. Tests have proven that the exposure during pregnancy was significantly higher in mothers of autistic children than in those of healthy children. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to low exposure already during pregnancy. A so-called abdominal bandage also offers the unborn child protection against electrosmog in the city.

5. Increased need for nutrients  

Autistic people have an increased need for nutrients. For example, a lack of oxygen is a major problem. While an oxygen molecule in healthy people reaches the nerve cell after only a fraction of a second, this process takes four minutes for a fully autistic person. The symptoms of an autistic person can be improved by massive addition of missing nutrients. Which nutrients these are can be easily determined with the help of autonomous regulatory diagnostics.

The main nutrient of the brain is glucose. It is often noticeable in autistic persons that they react very strongly to sugary foods. It is precisely then that attention should be paid to a healthy diet with many good carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and enzymes in order to supply the brain with glucose in an optimal way.

All these findings and problems show that humanity has taken the wrong path in many places, and autistic children are the result of this. However, they can be helped to optimally shape and improve their lives despite their illness. These sensitive people are not crazy – special attention should be paid to them.

Medical disclaimer:
The contents offered here are intended exclusively for neutral information and general further training. They do not constitute a recommendation or advertisement of the diagnostic methods, treatments or drugs described or mentioned. The text makes no claim to completeness, nor can the topicality, accuracy and balance of the information provided be guaranteed. Under no circumstances does the text replace the professional advice of a doctor or pharmacist and it may not be used as a basis for independent diagnosis and the beginning, modification or termination of a treatment of diseases. Always consult a doctor of your choice in case of health questions or complaints! ThePraxisFamily Lld. and the authors assume no liability for inconvenience or damage resulting from the use of the information presented here.

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