Shingles can be very painful in some circumstances. It itches, is annoying and healing often takes several weeks. Shingles is a viral disease, behind which lies the so-called herpes zoster virus. This virus is also known as Varicella-zoster virus. In addition to shingles, this also triggers chickenpox. What causes shingles and how you can treat it, you will learn in this article.

The difference of chickenpox from shingles

While chickenpox spreads over the entire body, shingles is localized to one part of the body. This is because when chickenpox breaks out, the virus attaches itself somewhere in the body and first persists there inactive. The virus thus remains in the body and can be reactivated under certain conditions.

Especially when our immune system is weakened, the herpes zoster virus has an easy game. The weakening of the immune system can have many causes, but the main causes include poisoning with heavy metals such as aluminum, but also glyphosate, lead or mercury. If you have amalgam fillings, they can also be responsible for a weakening of the immune system. Furthermore, your body can be enormously weakened by electrosmog. Especially if the body is exposed to WLAN or cell phone radio while sleeping, this can have a great impact on health. Other causes include nutrient deficiency. Especially deficiencies of vitamin D, vitamin B12, magnesium and zinc can contribute to the activation of the herpes zoster virus and thus trigger shingles.

Why does shingles occur locally?

Once the virus has broken out, it persists along certain nerve pathways that originate in the spine. If the virus is activated there, this only affects a specific area or nerve cord. The virus then becomes active along the affected nerves, resulting in a localized skin rash – shingles. Acute shingles lasts about fourteen days, until slowly calming and healing of the inflamed skin area occurs. In the case of shingles, inflammatory, water-filled blisters appear on the surface of the skin, which can be very painful and itchy. In this active phase, shingles is highly contagious.

What helps with shingles?

At best, shingles should be treated antivirally. High-dose liposomal vitamin C is recommended for this purpose. Infusions with vitamin C additionally accelerate the healing process. Furthermore, the application of colloidal silver as well as Manuka honey is soothing and anti-inflammatory. Taking the amino acid lysine in tablet form helps to stop the virus’ ability to multiply. If the shingles is very itchy, compresses with apple cider vinegar have a soothing effect. Calendula extract can also relieve itching. To combat the nerve pain that develops, any intake of vitamin B will help, the most suitable being vitamin B5, B6 and B12. Furthermore, the drug Keltican Forte from the pharmacy is very helpful to calm the nerves.

After about fourteen days, shingles is no longer contagious and the healing process begins. The remedies should continue to be used for a few days for the best possible healing. After about three to four weeks, shingles is healed.

To avoid shingles as much as possible, you should pay attention to a healthy immune system and strengthen it as much as possible. Regular detoxification is just as important as a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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