In many households it is popular – the microwave oven. Quickly and reliably, the food is warm and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Or maybe not? Find out how food changes when using a microwave and why this is detrimental to our health in this post.

How does the microwave work?

The microwave emits microwave radiation, much like a cell phone emits radiation, in the 2,450 megahertz range. Thus, this practical kitchen appliance is a transmitter, because it emits radio beams. This radiation is focused and directed at the food in such a way that it is irradiated and thus heats up. In principle, this is not dramatic, since the food is not atomically contaminated by this process or the like. Nevertheless, it ensures that the molecules of the food change, which means they move faster in the radiation. This faster movement ensures that the food gets warm. In principle, the molecules always move faster with heated food or beverages than with cold food and beverages. So, the radiation of the microwave makes the food move faster, which has the disadvantage of changing its structure and then suddenly it does not have the natural structure of the food that our body knows. Normally, we are accustomed to enjoying our food naturally, that is, as it is grown. The change that heating by a microwave causes arrives in our body through the food and it can no longer metabolize the food as well. The food must first be broken down by the body in a complex process so that it becomes digestible again.

The same applies to biophotons, which are emitted by living food or living beings. A food can always be evaluated by the quality of biophotons. If it has many good biophotons, then it is alive and an absolute gain of energy and information for the body. Dr. Popp was one of the leading researchers in this field and what we know is that the microwave kills the food completely. After use, the food is completely empty of biophotons and thus it is no longer an enrichment for our organism. The quality of food in this state resemble a sponge. They have no nutritional value.

So, as long as you want to eat a high quality, healthy diet and maintain your health through rich foods and avoid chronic, degenerative diseases, you should definitely avoid using a microwave.

Another problem is the radiation emitted directly from the microwave. The distance to the microwave determines how strong the influence of the radiation on the body is. The closer, the worse. At a distance of at least two meters, the microwave should not cause any damage. The microwave oven is generally not radiation-proof. You can easily test this by placing a cell phone in the microwave, closing it and calling the cell phone. You’ll see – the cell phone will ring. If the microwave were radiation-tight, there would be no reception inside it.
For those who want to eat healthy, be sure to avoid the microwave, no matter how convenient it may seem. The food can be heated just as well on the stove or in the oven. Also, when eating out or with children, make sure food is not microwaved before it is served. Once you get used to life without a microwave, you don’t miss it anymore.

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