Snoring sounds can be very disturbing. Not only for those affected, but also for the relatives who sleep in the same room or bed. Snoring sounds can occur for a variety of reasons. In the following, we will show you which causes of snoring there are, how you can recognize them and, in the best case, treat them naturally.

What can cause snoring sounds?

Snoring can originate in two different areas. Swelling of the nasal mucosa can also cause snoring, as well as constriction of the throat. In order to be able to treat the unpleasant snoring sounds naturally, you can find out the reasons for the development of the snoring sounds with the help of our PraxisFamily system and then treat them accordingly.

What causes swelling of the nasal mucosa?

Due to swelling of the nasal mucosa, the airways in the nasal area narrow, which can cause snoring sounds. The following reasons cause swelling of the nasal mucosa:

  • a classic infection, such as the common cold
  • chronic sinusitis
  • Chronic streptococcal colonization or viruses in the paranasal sinuses
  • Hay fever / allergic reactions
  • Food intolerances in the intestine (e.g. lactose or gluten intolerances)
  • Toxins or noxious agents as triggers (poisons, vapors, smoke, molds, wood preservatives, plasticizers and others)

As soon as it becomes obvious to you that the snoring sounds occur only in a certain room, you have to look for external causes (toxins or noxae), which can cause allergic reactions, but also swelling of the nasal mucosa due to their toxicity. Once you find them, you can do something about your snoring by eliminating the identified culprits.

What can cause narrowing in the neck?

There are a wide variety of causes that lead to constriction in the throat area, which promotes snoring sounds. Causes that you can influence yourself include:

  • Overweight
  • inappropriate sleeping position (e.g. supine position, head position too low, etc.)
  • Slackening of the mouth-tongue-pharynx muscles as a sign of aging
  • the consumption of incompatible foods, alcohol and drugs can also cause muscle relaxation in the throat area

How to treat snoring naturally

To be able to treat snoring noises naturally, you must first find out for yourself the triggers of the snoring noises. Our PraxisFamily system will help you to do this. It cannot be ruled out that a wide variety of causes in combination are responsible for the development of the unwanted snoring sounds. Therefore, try everything to find out possible reasons for you.

A change in the sleeping position

Back sleepers snore more often than side sleepers. To find out whether your sleeping position is responsible for the discomfort, you should try sleeping more on your side. It may well be that you also have to move your pillow to a different position, or raise the headboard of the bed a little higher, in order to achieve the desired effect.

Keeping a food diary

In order to be able to determine when the snoring sounds are particularly intense, you should not only record your “snoring days” and the snoring duration for yourself in a calendar, but also note down what you are, drink and at what time the food intake takes place every day.

Possible correlations with the occurrence of snoring can then be identified more easily. These can then be treated naturally through a change in diet or certain habits.

Weight loss, if any, can also reduce snoring. If you experience positive changes by abstaining from alcohol, nicotine or certain foods, you should plan your test phase for at least two to three months. You then realize how helpful a change in diet and/or habit can be to lessen or completely prevent your snoring.

Sleep in another room

It is not uncommon for toxins, vapors or molds to be responsible for swelling of the nose or throat. The triggers are not recognizable at first glance and are mostly odorless. It is therefore advantageous if you clarify for yourself whether you have exactly the same snoring problems in another room than in the current sleeping area. Spatially altered sleeping areas can make it easier for you to find the possible causes without having to abruptly change your lifestyle habits.

Training the muscles of the face

If the development of your snoring sounds is due to a slackening of the facial muscles, it is not only advisable to avoid alcohol, drugs or certain medications (muscle relaxants, beta-blockers or other relaxing drugs), but also to strive for an active training of the facial muscles.

By singing, consciously making sounds and training aids, you can naturally treat the development of snoring sounds with the help of targeted muscle training.

Help is promised by the PraxisFamily system

To find out for yourself exactly how to treat your snoring naturally, you should use our PraxisFamily system. It offers you the possibility to determine for yourself exactly the causes that cause you the annoying snoring sounds. Once these are known, it is not only the snoring noises that subside.

You will personally feel better, sleep more restfully, and not have to endure unnecessary restrictions on your current lifestyle. If a misalignment of the jaw is the cause, you will not be able to treat your snoring problems naturally on your own. A visit to an experienced specialist may be helpful.

The contents offered here serve exclusively for neutral information and general further education. They do not constitute a recommendation or advertisement of the diagnostic methods, treatments or drugs described or mentioned. The text makes no claim to completeness, nor can the topicality, accuracy and balance of the information provided be guaranteed. The text in no way replaces the expert advice of a doctor or pharmacist and may not be used as a basis for independent diagnosis and the beginning, modification or termination of treatment of diseases. Always consult a doctor of your choice if you have health questions or complaints! DiePraxisFamily Lld. and the authors accept no liability for inconvenience or damage resulting from the use of the information presented here.

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