Thomas Freitag is the president of the European Institute of Health and Water Quality. Among other things, he is the developer of an ingenious water system. In this article, you will learn about the reasons why he became involved with the topic of drinking water and which values are important for our health when assessing the quality of water.

Thomas Freitag suffered from severe skin problems in his twenties, which were the result of massive heavy metal poisoning. Over several months, he received therapy from a naturopathic doctor to drain the heavy metals from his body. High quality water was available in his doctor’s waiting room, which caused him to become increasingly thirsty. His doctor, when asked the reasons, gave him the book “Water Can Destroy Your Health” by Norman Walker and so began his interest in good drinking water.

At that time, water quality was not an issue for anyone, because the water that came out of the tap was considered pure. Even today, there is a misconception that tap water is healthy. Basically, tap water does not harm our health, but it provides just as little benefit. You will find out later why this is the case.

Thomas Freitag imported a water system from America and eventually brought it to Germany through his own company, Ideal Water. Meanwhile, his company produces the water system in small series with high-quality components.

Water in our body

Humans are two-thirds water. For example, the brain is over 80 percent water and our blood is 86 percent water. These values make the importance of water clear. In short, we need water to live.

The main mistake is to drink too little water. Here, quantity goes before quality – ideally, the body should be supplied with qualitative water so that the metabolic processes as well as the detoxification processes in the body function ideally.

The three most important limit values for assessing water are as follows:

1. the pH value: this should be between 6.4 and 6.8.

2. the electrical resistance: this should not exceed 130 microsiemens. It indicates how many components are in the water that are not water. It indicates the conductivity of the water in relation to current, which results from minerals, metals and similar components in the water. The higher this conductance, the more ingredients are in the water. According to this, the water is saturated. Water should be as unsaturated as possible so that it can absorb substances from the body.

2. the redox potential: the value should be between 22 and 27. It measures the number of electrons in a liquid. The greater the value, the fewer electrons the water contains and the more free radicals are formed in the body.
If the water reaches these values, it is suitable for use in cells.

The German Drinking Water Ordinance controls about 65 criteria, for example, the values of uranium as well as benzene in the water are examined. However, there are some values which are not checked at all. These include, for example, hormones, medicines and microplastics, although these can have a major impact on our health.

We would like to use the following example to illustrate the differences between ideal water and tap water: The microsiemens value of ideal water is less than 130, but in tap water it is up to 2790. It is still not dangerous to drink tap water, but it does not promote good health.

In addition, water should never be consumed from plastic bottles, as they contain dangerous plasticizers. Carbonic acid should also be avoided, as acid is a metabolic waste product. It overacidifies the body and combines with salts to form slags in the body

The right filter system

As a general rule, a bad filter is better than no filter at all. Conventional filters include activated carbon filters, which can filter coarse impurities. However, these have the problem of germination, so the filters must be changed frequently and the containers disinfected regularly.

We do not recommend filters for alkaline water, because alkaline water neutralizes stomach acid, which leads to health problems in the long run. Stomach acid is a natural barrier against bacteria, germs and viruses and aids digestion. If you drink too much alkaline water, the stomach acid is neutralized, which makes the natural barrier impossible and causes digestive problems.

Reverse osmosis is a very good system and the only economical way to rid water of all ingredients, but with the disadvantage that the water is not alive afterwards.

Nature water treatment process

To develop the ideal water filtration system, Thomas Freitag took advantage of nature’s water treatment process. Water in nature is purified from all ingredients by evaporation. Only oxygen and hydrogen are gases that can change their state of aggregation from liquid to gaseous. All ingredients that cannot do this, such as minerals, metals, and salts, thus remain behind. Subsequently, the water is animated in nature with the help of clouds, vibrations of the sun and light. Then it rains down and is easily mineralized in mountain streams by the stones as well as enriched with natural oxygen by swirling by means of the stones.

For the water filtration system is used molecular filtration, through which water is separated from all ingredients. Then the water is revitalized by a technology with vibrations of light, then lightly mineralized and swirled by a swirling spiral on the tap and enriched with natural oxygen.

Bacteria are retained by membranes. The plant has no storage tank, as membranes are now developed to the point where direct flow systems are possible. Water is freshly produced, so to speak, when the tap is opened. Such a water filtration system in its smallest version requires only 14 centimeters of space, so it can be installed even lying under the skirting board. The system can be installed in almost any home, as well as by any handyman who can install a washing machine or dishwasher.

As you can see, not all water is the same. To best support and maintain your health, you should pay attention to the quality of your drinking water. If you are interested in a water filter system from Ideal Water, you can have an offer tailored to your needs made on the website Also, you can save 20% with the following discount code for IdealesWater Filter:

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