Especially in the cold season, they cause us all problems – the viruses! We know that there is often a virus behind an unpleasant cold, but what actually happens in our body during this time? In this article you will learn how a virus gets into the cells, what happens there and how the virus can be stopped in the cell before you actually get sick.

There is research that recognizes that the DNA of a newborn baby is much shorter than the DNA of an adult at an age of about eighty years. The researchers found that viruses attach themselves to DNA in the course of our lives. Once a virus enters the body, two reactions can be observed: Either the virus is directly silenced or it is read and reproduced by the cell, so to speak. In this case, the virus misuses the cell to produce novel viruses. This process continues until the immune system responds and fights the virus. The virus is either “eaten” by the immune system or the body develops corresponding antibodies. This process makes you feel ill, gives you cough, rhinitis and fever and you should sleep as much as possible during this time. Once the virus has been successfully combated, it is silenced in the cell. And there lies the crucial point! If you want to get rid of the virus, this actually means that your body silences the virus intracellularly. So you will never get rid of the virus, it will never leave your body again.

We survive the mass of viruses, about ninety percent, without getting sick. These enter the body and are immediately shut down without us feeling anything. A well-functioning immune system is of course a prerequisite for this. Those who have a poor immune system become ill more often.

Our body fights the viruses in two different ways:

1. DNA methylation

This is a modification of the cell. This is caused by three different substances.
S-adenosyl-methionine (SAM) is the substance that the cell actually uses directly, but at the same time it is also the substance that hardly arrives when it is taken orally. Another substance is methylated folic acid in the form 5-MHTF. This works well, but is very expensive. To achieve an effect, a dose of one to two capsules three times a day is necessary. The third, easily accessible substance is methyl-B12 or methylcobalamin. This shows a very good effect and is relatively cheap. Recommended are the drops, which contain few additives and are of good quality, from Sunday Natural ( These drops can be taken in high doses (two drops three times a day corresponds to 6000 micrograms). This dosage is suitable for a short period of time to give the body the best possible support and to fight the virus quickly.

2 Acetylierung

Acetylation can also play a role in fighting viruses. The most important support you can give your body is an adequate supply of vitamin B5. This helps the cell to envelop and subsequently immobilize the virus.

If you are chronically involved in fighting viruses or if there are many people around you fighting viruses, it is worthwhile to treat yourself with the above mentioned remedies. If straight no acute virus exists, the income of Vitamin B5 or Vitamin B12 is sufficient once daily. This arms your body in the virus time.

At all times it is important to listen to your body and feel what it needs. Although various cold remedies help to alleviate the symptoms of an existing cold, they cannot work deep inside the cells. The faster you react to the signals of your body, the faster you will get healthy again.

Medical disclaimer
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