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Dangers of a microwave

In many households it is popular – the microwave oven. Quickly and reliably, the food is warm and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Or maybe not? Find out how food changes when using a microwave and why this is detrimental to our health in this post. How does the microwave work? The microwave […]


Water against cancer

The effect of water in our body If we want to avoid cancer and stay healthy, drinking enough water is immensely important. Among other things, water ensures that the lymph fluids flow better and thus the cell supply functions much better. Provided that we have enough good water in the body, the whole removal of […]


Arsenic in rice – dangerous or not?

Some of our patients have pointed out to us that the arsenic contained in rice is toxic, so we should not eat it. However, this statement is not true. If rice were really as toxic as some people believe, the Asian world would theoretically already be extinct. Rice is basically not toxic, but the arsenic […]