Multiple sclerosis is associated with various symptoms and mainly affects the central nervous system. In different zones of the brain, something decomposes, that is, scleroses. With the help of imaging techniques, the lesions can be localized and thus determined. MS is an autoimmune disease that attacks the brain and in particular the sheaths of the nerves. But why does the immune system attack its own body? This and other exciting facts you will learn in this article.

Standard multiple sclerosis treatment is immunosuppressive. The immune system is suppressed by drugs and thus restrained with the aim of protecting the nerve sheaths. This type of treatment may be useful in an active relapse, but it is still not a permanent solution. If the immune system is permanently suppressed, many other diseases develop. It is much more important to find out where multiple sclerosis comes from and what causes need to be addressed.

In most MS patients, similar processes take place in the brain over and over again. The lesions are usually located near veins. The arteries bring the fresh blood into the brain and when the oxygen is depleted, the blood flows back out of the brain through the veins. In addition, there is often an excess of free iron in the brain, which is partly responsible for the disease. Bartonella and various herpes viruses such as herpes type 6, type 8 and measles viruses are also very common in MS patients. The measles viruses usually do not come from an actual measles illness, but from the measles vaccine.

In our brain there are microbes which are activated by or feed on the iron. Iron then forms the optimal breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, which steadily worsens the disease. Another problem is injury to the endothelium, which is the layer of cells on the inner surface of blood and lymph vessels. This is mainly violated by bacteria and food intolerances. Intolerance to dairy products and gluten can cause the endothelium to develop latent inflammation, making it less resistant. The leakage of free iron is thus increased.

Another reason for MS is vein congestion in the neck. When examining blood flow, attention is usually paid to the arteries, but not to the veins. It is possible for the veins to become congested due to bacteria. The pressure that is created then ensures that the free iron is forced out. The iron is a perfect food source for viruses and bacteria, which then survive in fat slices. The immune system then attacks the complete myelin sheath.

It is critical to treat these bacteria and viruses and ensure good circulation. Firstly, you can rub the carotid arteries with bee venom ointment. Another option is a minor surgical procedure in which the vein is inflated with the help of a balloon. Some MS patients show minor reactions, while others react very strongly to this treatment. Especially in advanced MS patients, it is noticeable that the brain regains long lost functions with normal blood flow. Such diagnosis as well as treatment is possible in designated CCSVI centers.

The goal is to protect the endothelium so that it is not as permeable to the iron. This works with antioxidant substances, some OPC as well as Deep Purple from the company However, the most important thing is to treat the inflammation in the body by changing the diet. To protect the vessels, a vegan diet is best, but it already helps to at least avoid dairy products as well as gluten. In addition, free iron, which is transported into the blood by animal meat, cannot be selectively absorbed by our body. Thus, the free iron content in the body increases additionally when meat products are eaten.

Another important factor in the treatment of MS patients is the consistent avoidance of electrosmog. In this case, that means not only the WLAN at home, but also the power from the wall socket. With the help of a Stretzer filter it is possible to find out how clean your electricity is at home. If it is dirty electricity, this can have a negative impact on health. With the help of a Stretzermeter you can check if and how many filters you have to install to get a clean circuit. Studies have shown that MS patients who had to sit in a wheelchair were able to walk again when such filters were installed. A wheelchair was again needed when the filters were removed. The immune system is thus obviously disturbed by dirty electricity, which also affects healing.

Once the causes are eliminated, we get the immune system to desist from the myelin sheaths. In this way, the next episode or, in general, a worsening of the disease can be prevented. In its ability to heal itself, it is then even possible for the body to restore the myelin sheaths, thus significantly improving the patient’s quality of life.

The best method for testing the causes is autonomic regulation diagnostics. You can either learn these yourself through our Dr. Mama system or make an appointment for remote testing.

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