The liver is one of the most important organs we have in the body. It is incredibly important for the entire protein as well as hormone metabolism. It is also responsible for the development of enzymes, but also for detoxification, the conversion of substances and transport within the body. Life is not possible without the liver. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from a so-called non-alcoholic fatty liver. What causes this and what you can do about it, you will learn in this article.

The background of fatty liver

The term fatty liver is used when too many liver cells have become fatty, i.e. consist only of fat. Fatty liver is widespread and about 35 percent of the Western population suffers from it. But where does that come from? If the liver values are not correct during a check-up at the doctor’s, patients are often asked whether they have had “one too many glasses”. Figuratively, the doctor wants to ask if they drink too much alcohol. It is believed that about 90 percent of alcoholics also suffer from fatty liver at the same time. But for some sufferers, the cause is not excessive consumption of alcohol – in fact, many do not drink alcohol at all. Accordingly, it is a non-alcoholic fatty liver. Once it gets to this point, the liver can no longer perform its regular metabolic processes well. The background of the disease usually lies in nutritional problems. In today’s diet, sugar is an essential ingredient for a large number of people. This can cause the liver to become fatty. Above all, fructose plays a major role here. However, this does not mean the natural fructose found in fruits and vegetables, but the artificially added sugar in beverages, sweets and many types of baked goods. In any case, you should be careful to consume these foods only in moderation. Generally, eating unprocessed foods is the healthier option. Ready-made products are usually the worse choice – these are not only expensive, but usually contain added substances that negatively affect the body.

Furthermore, heavy metals in the body are a major problem for the liver. If there are any in the liver, it basically has only a small capacity to heal itself at all. Trans fats, such as those found in chips and potato chips, also cause fatty liver if eaten too often. Last but not least, animal products such as meat, fish and dairy products are a major factor in the development of fatty liver. You should keep these to a minimum, if not eliminate them altogether, to help your liver and heal an already existing fatty liver.

If you already suffer from a fatty liver, it helps first of all to avoid the factors mentioned. Furthermore, the intake of bitter substances and milk thistle can be helpful. Taking antioxidants can also help the liver regenerate. Detoxification of heavy metals makes a lasting improvement in the organism possible. Which substances and with what exactly should be detoxified can be easily tested with our PraxisFamily system and thus treated in a targeted manner. This allows us to find out what exactly has triggered the fatty liver individually and what can help.

Medical disclaimer
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