Magnetic fields and magnetic field mats have been talked about for decades as being able to help the body regenerate and heal. It is intended to support in pain and especially in chronic diseases and generally provide more energy. In this article you will find out which magnetic field mat we can recommend to you and why it is so special.

The function of the magnetic field mat

Due to numerous positive study results, we already used a magnetic field mat in our practice some time ago, but due to a lack of success, it was used less and less. The reason for this is the following: magnetic field mats help especially when they are used frequently and, above all, regularly. Thus, the mere application within one session with the therapist is usually not sufficient and we have not been able to achieve great success with our patients.

The developer Bernhard Klein has developed the Kleinsche-Felder sleep support, which has a special feature compared to conventional magnetic field mats: the magnets, or more precisely the perma-magnets inside the support are arranged in a special way, which makes it possible to improve the flows in the body. Thus, all the flows of blood, lymph, nerve fluids as well as gene fluids are activated, so to speak, as they flow by. A fine current is created, which positively influences the flow.

Another special feature of the Kleinsche-Felder sleeping pad is that it does not need any electricity at all. Many magnetic therapy products require electricity to function, which can negatively affect sleep quality.

The overlay is available in different variants, for example, for chairs or even for the mattress. As a healthy person, the support can serve for rest as well as regeneration and further as a supplier of positive energy. Provided you sleep on the support, you will feel fitter and more energetic the next day.

But what do users who actually have symptoms of disease say?
In our practice, we use the PraxisFamily testing method, which allows us to test the autonomic nervous system. We have tested the Kleinsche-Felder sleep support for various symptom complexes and found it to be an effective support for healing chronic complaints.

Sounds unrealistic? But it is not. Due to the special arrangement of magnetic fields, our blood, lymph as well as nerve fluids flow better. This ensures that the tissue is better purified and supplied with blood. Thus, more oxygen reaches the places that would have been reached less without the use of the magnetic support. A lack of oxygen combined with hyperacidity of the tissues and the slagging of the lymph are the main causes of the development of chronic diseases. In the foreground here are especially neurological diseases, but also tissue diseases and pain diseases underlie these causes.

Many studies have further demonstrated that mitochondrial activity is improved. Mitochondria work better with the application of Klein’s fields. This is one of the most important functions of Klein’s fields, because today’s civilization diseases are often also based on functional disorders of the mitochondria. Especially all diseases that originate in the brain, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other dementias as well as brain weaknesses are due to the fact that the mitochondria do not function correctly. Furthermore, cell-altering diseases and the immune system are topics which can be positively influenced by the use of Klein’s fields.

Basically, the application of the magnetic field overlay serves very well as a supportive measure in chronic diseases. Due to the gentle arrangement of the magnetic fields, the use is possible for almost every user. The overlay can also be used for people with pacemakers or implants and achieves very good results.

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