Basically cystitis can be divided into two forms: Acute and chronic cystitis. The acute form occurs suddenly and usually after a cold or hypothermia of the bladder area. The chronic form is characterized by recurrent or very persistent inflammation lasting for weeks. In this article you can find out how to treat a bladder infection naturally and effectively.

For further differentiation it is important to know whether it is a bacterial or an abacterial cystitis. In general, if you have an illness, you should have a therapist examine which form it is. This plays a decisive role in the treatment. In the case of chronic cystitis, drugs that are only effective against bacteria are often taken, such as antibiotics. Many therapists are of the opinion that antibiotics are still useful because of their anti-inflammatory effect. However, antibiotics destroy the intestinal flora and should not be taken in such cases.


Natural means against a bacterial cystitis

The inside of the bladder is a kind of immune free space in which the bacteria sit. It is difficult to get rid of the germs, but instead of antibiotics, some natural remedies help, which protect the intestinal flora and still work effectively. Drinking a lot to flush out the bacteria is basically important.

1. the best remedy: taking mannose

Mannose is a sugar that is completely absorbed by the intestine but not processed. The urine is thus enriched with mannose. Certain bacterial cultures like this sugar and thus let themselves fall from the bladder into the urine and can be excreted. The cystitis is usually over after only 48 hours. Mannose is particularly helpful for intestinal bacteria that are found in the large intestine, such as the E-coli bacteria. These can easily get lost in the bladder via the ureter. Women are affected much more frequently than men because their ureter is much shorter. (Consumation: Acute phase: one teaspoon with water every three hours, after the symptoms have subsided take one teaspoon twice a day for seven to ten days)

2. Cranberrykapseln

Taking cranberry capsules can also eliminate cystitis. (Consumation: Acute phase: take two capsules every two to four hours, after the symptoms have subsided take three capsules daily for seven to ten days)

3. intake of potassium iodide

In addition the intake of potassium iodide can be useful. The urine is enriched with iodine, which becomes bactericidal and kills the bacteria. This agent is also recommended for inflammation caused by E-coli bacteria. (Ingestion: Acute phase: take 15 drops every three to four hours until the symptoms subside, then ten days two to three times daily)

4. Garlic Capsules

High-quality garlic capsules made from freeze-dried, very sulphurous garlic form alliin in the body. In combination with water it forms allicin. Allicin is the strongest antibiotic found in nature. It is always advisable to take it when conventional antibiotics are recommended by the therapist, as they work just as well. (Ingestion: Acute phase: open two garlic capsules every four hours, stir into water and drink, after symptoms have subsided, take three capsules a day for ten days) Best source: Therapist number D10410 so there is a discount

5. Vitamin C

Taking vitamin, preferably from a natural source, can help with inflammation. This remedy is not as effective as the ones mentioned above, but can still be tried. The intake takes place up to the so-called diarrhoea limit, which means you can take as much as you can. If diarrhoea occurs, the intake must be reduced slightly. The best vitamin C is rose hip vitamin C (e.g. Rose Hip from Therapist number D10410 so there is a discount)

6. drink berry juice

Berry juice can be drunk as a support at any time. This has a bactericidal effect and creates a bad environment for the bacteria.

Natural agent against an abacterial infection

All the above mentioned remedies do not help with the abacterial form of cystitis, as it is not caused by bacteria. Here is the key to healing vitamin B12. If there is a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body, although it is often not yet visible in the blood, various inflammatory processes in the body can occur. By taking vitamin B12, the abacterial infection can be treated very well. (Consumation: In the first ten days suck two tablets three times a day, when symptoms subside reduce dose to three tablets for two to three weeks, after that maintenance dose of one tablet should be taken every two to three days)

In our practice we have already successfully treated many cystitis cases with these methods without the administration of antibiotics. However, if all these drugs do not help sufficiently to fight the cystitis, a therapist should be consulted. The risk of the kidneys being attacked and suffering damage is too great in this case.



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