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We want to take you with us...

...into our world as therapists AND parents. Learn with us an optimal daily routine to become healthy and stay healthy. For you and your family.

Our motto: „Help me to do it myself“  (Maria Montessori)

About us

Daniela, Matthias and our four wonderful children

DR. Mama System

The essence of a decade of practical experience with hundreds of families. Concentrated knowledge from all relevant health areas. Learn crystal clear and easy an optimal method  and become cronically healthy  with us

Praxis Family COOKBOOK

In our experience, the best diet is described in detail in this ingenious cookbook. Delicious recipes,  absolutely suitable  for everyday use and easy to cook. Since there is no such cookbook yet, we simply wrote it ourselves. For you.

"All our products, information and activities serve one purpose: health and well-being for you and your family"


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What else you need to know... 

We love life and all creatures, humans, animals and plants. We love the earth and the universe in all its beauty. Our most important basis for action is love, compassion and personal responsibility.

You create exactly your life and exactly your health through your actions and thoughts. Nobody else can take responsibility for it, except you yourself.

We show you our way, which has proven itself with us and with many 1000 of our patients.

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