The  Dr. Mama Test Method

Test yourself and your family

Learn the heart of the great Dr. Mama Systems

The Dr. Mama Testmethode is THE heart of the Dr. Mama System. 

It is an incredibly helpful and effective tool.

It allows you to test the reactions of the autonomic nervous system directly, easily and quickly.

You already know a lot about health! You already have a lot of knowledge in the field of nutrition, detoxification, nutrients and many other relevant topics around health?

You may already have a collection of supplements, homeopathic remedies or other substances at home.

Then you are only missing a method to find out who needs what when, or should omit.

Test exactly what is needed and what is not.

 Every person is individual. What one person needs can be incompatible for another. 

With the Dr. Mama Test Method you have a tool at hand that can solve this problem.

Find out how the organism reacts to:

  • Intolerances & Allergies
  • Toxin exposure & detoxification methods
  • Interference fields
  • Remedies
  • Health methods
  • Mental themes
  • Substances and questions from your knowledge base

The autonomic nervous system is the ideal mouthpiece to the body's knowledge. Our body usually knows best what it needs and what it does not need. Through testing it is possible to know the reactions of the body. It is almost as if one could talk to the body.

Test your family, yourself and
your children and gain clarity

There is nothing better than being able to find out exactly what your body needs and doesn't need in any situation.

"Without the Dr. Mama Testmethode"... I can no longer imagine

First we learned the complete original method for our alternative practitioner practice. The ART testing according to Dr. Klinghardt. We have been working very successfully with this for over 10 years.

Due to the need of many mothers of chronically ill children, the Dr. Mama Test methode was created. Depending on the clinical picture, autistic children, for example, need frequently changing medications. Since a journey to the practice every 3-4 days was and is too exhausting for the children, we have taught these hero moms a slimmed-down but functional version of our great test method according to Dr. Klinghardt. With very good success.

Any mom  - could quickly and safely learn the test method.

So we thought, "This is actually important for everyone."

You wouldn't believe how many times we're standing in the kitchen, testing a child, and then wondering, "What do parents do when they can't test?

And so we got on the "seat of our pants" and developed this brilliant and easy to follow online course. The  Die Dr. Mama Test Method  (by the way also suitable for dads :-) )

In the meantime, there is an ever-growing community of people of different ages who have successfully learned the test method and enjoy using it. 

The Dr. Mama test method is universally applicable...

...When you master the testing method, you are not locked into any particular food, supplement or health method. You are completely free to use it. Everything can be tested and related.


✔ You read about a "superfood" and do not know if you need it? TEST IT !!!

✔ A friend tells you about a great cure for your symptoms? TEST IT !!!

✔ You want to know where the bloated belly comes from or the skin rash? TEST IT !!! 

You can test the reactions of your organism to almost everything.

It hardly gets any more individual and precise than this.

You can test yourself.

You can test your children.

You can test your partner, relatives or close friends

And how does the testing work? ...

It is a widely tested and recognized biofeedback method

The autonomic nervous system, which is connected to the whole organism, controls the activity of organs, hormones, glands of the immune system and many other parts of the body. It also controls the tension of the muscles.  

And here lies the key. With a simple but special method, developed over the last 35 years, it is possible to check the tension of the muscles. 

So kann man die Reaktionen des autonomen Nervensystems anhand der Spannungsänderung der Muskulatur erkennen. Darum nennt man den Test auch Muskeltest. 

There are a few important tricks to learn here, so that the testing is accurate and you can test the really important points and not "beat around the bush". 

Some of our participants have learned a similar method at some point and were able to get good and accurate results for the first time with a few of our additions. 

Test yourself and your family


For you we have created the 8-part online course THE DR. MAMA TESTMETHOD

Just learn the method at home. Watch the teaching units on your PC, tablet or smartphone as often as you like. Unlike in a face-to-face seminar, you can stop and rewind at any time. Learn at your own pace.

  1. 1
    Permanent access
  2. 2
    8 easy-to-understand ONLINE VIDEO LECTIONS
  3. 3
    All courses also available as AUDIO MP3 for listening on the go.
  4. 4
    1 x special polarizing filter to perform the test
  5. 5
    1 x PDF workbook for deeper understanding

What our participants say

"I have had the opportunity to test the whole Dr. Mama system for some time"

"The best thing is learning the testing method,
it takes some practice, but when you master it, you are independent and know which foods your body needs and tolerates or if it is missing something. I just test everything out, symptoms of illness, place to sleep, nutritional supplements, etc.
Really great."

Christiane Hühsam
- Mother of 4 children
Melanie Tränker ist dankbar

"Thank you so much for this course..."

"It's so nice that now I can always test out what my little ones or I need. It really makes everyday life easier."

Melanie Tränker
- Mom from 2 children

"Dear Matthias, dear Daniela, we are very grateful to you..."

"...that we were able to learn the Dr. Mama System. We were excited about every single module. Everything was explained in a super relaxed and understandable way. With the testing we still have our difficulties, but since we can always watch your videos, it will soon work better. A real enrichment for us, thank you very much!!!"

Nicole and Wolfgang Witz
- Parents of 2 children


Get this unique online video course.

Learn to test and gain clarity and confidence for the health of you and your loved ones.

Get a recognized and proven method to test the body.

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Matthias and Daniela

About us

We are Matthias and Daniela Cebula. We are alternative practitioners, Klinghardt therapists and parents of 4 children. For more than 10 years we have an active and successful healing practice.

Matthias is a Master of ANK (Applied Neurokinesiology according to Klinghardt) since 2017.

To sum it up: This ingenious method belongs in every holistic household. This is our mission. We want to make the world a little bit better. 

What you need to get started:

  • A computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection.
  • About 30-60 minutes daily to understand and master the technique in 2-3 weeks. You decide the pace.
  • A partner with whom you can practice. Would be better, but it also works without.
  • Enthusiasm for the countless possibilities that open up for you.
Thr dr. mama test Method
Test yourself and your family


  • Permanent access
  • 8 exclusive online video lessons
  • 8 MP3 Audio Files
  • an extra PDF workbook
  • special polarizing filter

100% Zufriedenheits- Garantie

Sichere Bezahlung

THE dr. mama test method
Test yourself and your family


  • Permanent access
  • 8 exclusive online video lessons
  • 8 MP3 Audio Files
  • an extra PDF workbook
  • special polarizing filter

100% Zufriedenheits- Garantie

Sichere Bezahlung

THE dr. mama test method
Test yourself and your family


  • Permanent access
  • 8 exclusive online video lessons
  • 8 MP3 Audio Files
  • an extra PDF workbook
  • special polarizing filter

100% Zufriedenheits- Garantie

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100% money back guarantee 14 days

We know that our methods work - not only for us, but also for hundreds of users of our programs. We trust our methods so much that we are ready to give you a full refund if you feel that the course will not help you within the first 14 days. We promise!

However, please remember that any program you complete requires commitment and hard work in order to succeed. Of course, you won't get results if you only do the minimum. Therefore, when you ask for a refund, we first want to see proof that you have worked with our materials. We do this to maintain the strong energy in our programs and to really only have motivated participants.

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

I am a single parent and have little time, can I still learn this?

I don't know if I'm cut out for it.

P.S.: The Dr. Mama Test Method will enrich your life in the long term. You and your family will benefit for a lifetime. There is currently no known way to learn this knowledge anywhere else at this low price.

We look forward to you being an active part of our community.

With light and love

Daniela and Matthias

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