The PRAXISFAMILY - Affiliate Program

Help us to help other people and earn a passive income.

10% commission (= 180,63€ - 109,48€  depending on funnel and customer discount)

Learn the most successful steps and methods from the alternative practitioner for you and your family

  • We are pleased to present you this online course, which is unique in Germany.
  • With this course the participants get a very special knowledge and a special test method on hand.
  • It is a high priced online course (incl. videos, audio, workbooks, test box and test instrument, lifelong live video support, closed Facebook group and many bonus materials)
  • We have described everything important on this page, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us:

It works as simple as this


You make your contacts aware of the free webinar with your partner link or directly on the sales page. E.g. by mail, by Facebook, by banner on the homepage etc.
That's actually already it.


If one of your contacts buys the course after attending the webinar, the system will remember your partner link in the background and you will automatically receive your commission of 10%.


So passive income without much effort!

What exactly do I have to do now?

1. Registration at Digistore24

3. link and advertise products

4. getting to know the product

The one advertising strategie:

We have one good strategie /funnel that you can use to generate your income.

Invitation to the webinar


free webinar

You direct customers to our webinar page. (With your partner link for the webinar)

There they can register for the webinar about the PraxisFamily system. We provide a lot of content, and set a strong sales pitch with a 25% discount valid for 2-3 days.


Email Funnel

Webniar participants will be reminded of the expiring countdown daily for 3 days after the webinar, with the goal of purchase.


After the countdown

If participants do not buy, they will be invited again to a live webinar after a few weeks. If a purchase is made here, you will still receive your commission.

Super discount 25%


Direct link to the sales page

You direct the customers directly to the PraxisFamily System Salespage. 

(With your partner link for the PraxisFamily System Salespage) 

There they can get to know the product in peace. 

 From you they get in the context of your advertisement the bonus Cupon

> PFS25

So they get the course for 25% cheaper.

The advertising media

Here you will find examples of advertising texts, pictures and videos.

Feel free to write your own texts and use your own pictures as long as they comply with the rules.


§ Our Partner Program Rules §

We would like a profitable and fair partnership with you. ?

This is allowed and desired

  • All advertising e-mails may only be sent in your own name.
  • Using our texts, pictures and videos
  • Writing your own texts (according to the rules) in case of doubt we will gladly look over it (for legal security)
  • Creating your own ads, pictures, videos (according to the rules) in case of doubt, we will gladly look over it (for legal security) 
  • Advertising on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and other cool interfaces.

This is not allowed

  • No spam
  • No advertising on pages with illegal or legally questionable contents
  • No own purchases via the own link. (These purchases are recognized by the system and the affiliate account is immediately blocked)
  • Attention: 1. no superlatives (example: the best, only, most successful method to ...) 2. no mention of concrete symptoms or diseases (example: "With the Dr. Mama course you can cure neurodermatitis. "or " The best against headaches" (General information is allowed, concrete information is not) 3. no promises of cure
  • No fake testimonials: The creation & distribution of fake testimonials is strictly prohibited!
  • No false statements: No false advertising promises or false exclusivity (example: "The product is only available from us" or "Absolute guarantee of success")
  • No Facebook fan pages The creation of Facebook fan pages that can be connected in any way with "The Practice Family" or the "Dr. Mama System" is prohibited.
  • Does not redirect visitors directly to the DS24 order form - target page is always the webinar page or the Dr. Mama System Salespage