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QS24 Health television

His holistic thinking in profundity is very meaningful and his quote: "We are part of the solution" reflects that with our psyche we are not victims but creators. Moderation: Mr. Alexander Glogg

The health lounge

What is electrosmog? What does electrosmog do to our body? How can we protect ourselves against electrosmog? These and other questions are the focus of our Health Lounge Berlin broadcast today. Guests in the studio are Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt and the alternative practitioner Matthias Cebula.

Moderation: Ms. Silke Samel

Michael F. Vogt TV

Michael F. Vogt in conversation with alternative practitioner Matthias Cebula on the subject of biophysical stress in electrosensitive people.

Moderation: Michael F. Vogt

Changing world

Guests on the program "Welt-im-Wandel" are Klinghardt therapist Matthias Cebula and Peter Andres, managing director of ac blue planet GmbH. In an interview with Robert Fleischer, the alternative practitioner presents his own and his patients' reports of experience with the Vita Chip.

Moderation: Robert Fleischer


Kati's Show - The holistic preparation for foster and adoptive children with Daniela Cebula

Holistic Preparation for Foster and Adoptive Children with Daniela Cebula

Daniela Cebula and her husband Matthias are not only holistic therapists, but first and foremost parents of their 4 adopted children. Daniela tells how they came to adopt children into their family and how their life mission fits into this constellation.

Daniela also explains how she has helped each child individually navigate from an unhealthy, harmful lifestyle to a nourishing and holistic one.

Moderation: Kati Siemens

DNX Podcast

Matthias Cebula not only tells us about his career, but above all explains what the problem with today's conventional medicine is and what motivated him to develop the Dr. Mama System. The Dr. Mama System is based on the autonomous regulation technique according to Dr. Klinghardt and is suitable not only for moms but for each and every one of us. What exactly is behind it? Find out more in this podcast.

Fertility Podcast Gut feeling - Fertility? What can influence your fertility

In the current podcast episode I talk to the alternative practitioner Matthias Cebula from Bamberg. He reports in detail about a comprehensive holistic approach in the consideration of an unfulfilled desire to have children. We talk about nutrition, electrosmog and gut feeling. Matthias and his wife themselves had an unfulfilled desire to have children for several years and have followed a path that has led them to a happy and fulfilled existence today.

Moderation: Jutta Luhn

Functional Basics Podcast Folge #143

How does your detox work & what are the basics of healthy living? I talk about these topics with Matthias Cebula.

Moderation: Carsten Wölffling

Natural Biohacking Podcast

Michael F. Vogt in conversation with alternative practitioner Matthias Cebula on the topic of biophysical stress in electrosensitive people.

Moderation: Robin Stolberg


Matthias has already spoken at over 40 major online conventions as a speaker. Due to his expertise and his fresh and authentic way of speaking, he is often invited to speak on a wide range of topics from health, nutrition, family and soul.