Your all-in-one NATUROPATH appointment - without travel. GENIUS

Remote testing: an optimal possibility

It works just as precisely and reliably as during a face-to-face appointment in the practice.

Have yourself tested with the ART-Method according to Dr. Klinghardt without having to be personally present.

We have successfully treated thousands of patients in our practice over the last 10 years. We have a great experience in Autonomous Regulations Testing. Our absolute strength is the identification of the causes of a disease. 

As soon as we know exactly which factors are responsible for a chronic or acute symptom, we are able to individually test and create the exactly fitting protocol.

Due to these skills and successes, we are increasingly receiving national recommendations from patients from all over Germany, the EU and even more and more from overseas countries.

In recent years, remote testing has become more and more established as a reliable and thorough method.

For whom is remote testing suitable?

Remote testing is suitable for everyone, but especially for:

  • People for whom the journey to the practice is too far.
  • People who cannot travel for health reasons
  • People who are travelling abroad.
  • Parents who want to save their children the effort of travelling.
  • People who are not allowed to travel due to the current Corona situation.

"Let's find out
what you or your children need,
even if you live further away."

To become healthy and stay healthy.

And how does remote testing work? ...

The basis is the Autonomous Regulations Test according to Dr. Klinghardt. This is a biofeedback procedure that has been tested and recognized many times.  >> More info

The autonomous nervous system, which is connected to the whole organism, controls the activity of organs, hormones, glands of the immune system and many other parts of the body. It also controls the tension of muscles.

And here lies the key. With a simple but special method, which has developed over the last 35 years, it is possible to check the tension of the muscles.

In this way, the reactions of the autonomic nervous system can be recognized by the change in muscle tension. This is why the test is also called muscle test. 

THE SPECIAL: With remote testing, the patient is not lying on a couch in the practice but at home. By means of the surrogate effect, the patient's information is transferred to an assistant or the therapist. 

This is possible through an anchor such as a tissue sample, a photo, a voice analysis or, much more simply, through the connection to the mental field through the name and date of birth. In any case, through the anchor there is a connection between the mental field of the patient and the assistant/therapist. (This is a quantum mechanical phenomenon)

Your advantages?

  • Full result: You will receive a complete and comprehensive anamnesis, diagnostics and a protocol 
  • Reduced costs: The remote testing is usually faster than an on-site appointment with the same results.
  • Less effort: No long journey and accommodation necessary.
  • Equal opportunities: Naturopath appointment also possible if you are not mobile.
  • Video: No information is lost, you can watch the video log as often as you need it. 



Step 1 - Make an appointment

Make an appointment via our online calendar (remote testing first appointment) 


Step 2 - Medical history sheet 

After making an appointment you will receive an anamnesis form by email. You send this filled out back to us by email.


Step 3 - Video-Call

At the time of the appointment we meet at a video call via zoom or Skype. Here we get to know each other and can clarify remaining questions and exchange first information. Duration approx. 10-15 min.

(If you don't have the possibility to watch a video, it is also possible by phone)


Step 4 - Testing 

After the videocall we say goodbye and we start the testing. You can go back to your daily routine and don't need to do anything special. Duration approx. 30-45min


Step 5 - Protocol

As soon as the testing is finished, you will receive your individual treatment protocol via e-mail with all the instructions, means and steps necessary for you to get into good health.

In addition, you will receive a detailed video report from Matthias in which the most important points of the test and the protocol are discussed again.


Step 6 - Support 

Write to us: You always have the possibility to send us an email, if you have questions about the protocol or problems like aggravations or newly appearing symptoms.

We will then either help you with advice or make an interim test if necessary.


Step 7 - Control 

Of course, this depends entirely on your individual protocol and your topics. But usually we check the protocol about 8 weeks later.

We will then arrange a remote test control appointment (approx. 15-30 min).

1-2 days before this date you simply write us an email with your current condition.

This appointment will then take place without video call.
We do the test and you will receive an updated protocol and video report.

Matthias and Daniela

About us

We are Matthias and Daniela Cebula. We are alternative practitioners, Klinghardt therapists and parents of 4 children. For more than 10 years we have an active and successful healing practice. 

Matthias is Master of ANK since 2017 (Applied neurokinesiology according to Klinghardt)

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