Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has been an acting neurologist for almost 40 years and runs a clinic in America. He has received countless medical awards and is, among other things, the developer of autonomic regulation diagnostics. In this interview with Dr. Klinghardt, we learn how chronic diseases can be treated alternatively and how the diseases have evolved over the years.

Chronic and acute infections – The difference

Acute diseases are usually well treatable by conventional medicine. However, it can be observed that conventional medicine is failing more and more in the treatment of chronic diseases. Basic causes of chronic diseases, such as poisoning with aluminum or mercury, are not recognized in conventional medicine and are therefore not treated. In addition, there is generally a great resistance to chronic complaints in conventional medicine. It is also important to include in the treatment far-reaching measures such as diets and detoxification measures, which are also not recognized in conventional medicine.

Connection with chronic infections

Through the autonomous response diagnostics developed by Dr. Klinghardt, it is possible, for example, when diagnosing a herniated disc, to determine what has caused the weakening of the discs. Here, for example, a weakening of the intervertebral discs by Borrelia, which are located in the intervertebral disc, comes into question. Confirmation of such a diagnosis is possible by means of laboratory values. In the past, it has been shown that these diagnostics are years ahead of conventional medicine.

It became clear as early as the 1990s that almost all pain disorders, including osteoarthritis, are the result of persistent infections triggered by herpes zoster, borrelia, etc.
At the heart of complaints such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, non-specific conditions such as insomnia, and general weakness are always undiagnosed chronic conditions.
In the past, people died from acute illnesses such as pneumonia or a stomach ulcer. Nowadays, we have these diseases under control with conventional medicine. What is occurring more frequently, however, are chronic clinical pictures, as these behave differently from acute infections. In the acute state, our own immune reactions make up the clinical picture, but in chronic infections, the germs have already managed to protect or even hide themselves from our immune system through a variety of mechanisms. This process is new.

We are all densely populated with a variety of good germs, but also pathogenic ones. This finding is also relatively new. The teaching of medicine at university hospitals “stood still”, so to speak, fifty years ago with the result that conventional medicine has grown more slowly than the disease patterns have changed.

Many patients visit different doctors in order to achieve an improvement in their symptoms. Often they cannot be helped or only inadequately, money is scarce and trust in doctors is lacking. Generally speaking, anyone working in a healthcare profession must be an environmental health practitioner.

The reason why diseases have changed is the internal terrain. The pollution of our structures with heavy metals, glyphosate, etc., which are absorbed through food and the environment, create a growth environment so that germs that were not pathogenic in the past now become highly aggressive. Germs today activate their gene segments which have been dormant for thousands of years. This is the toxic response to environmental stress and leads to massive reactions in our bodies. Biotoxins are produced that can block detoxification enzymes, as well as neurology, digestion, and other systems in the body.

The exhaustion that often sets in is often a self-preservation mechanism from the body when vital metabolic pathways are blocked. Each cell must then reduce its work output to produce less waste products, request less nutrients as well as oxygen. Chronic fatigue is thus almost always the best solution for a cell to survive without expending much energy.

Furthermore, the prevailing electrosmog in our environment is destroying DNA. Radio waves (WLAN) block all detoxification enzymes we have. This results in a backlog of substances in the system that cannot be offset even by the best detoxification methods. In addition, detoxification substances are becoming more and more restricted by the government. The environmental fraud is denied on the part of politicians and tools as well as methods of treatment are forbidden.

Each of our body surfaces, inside and outside, is covered by biofilms, in which either symbiotic, healthy germs or pathogenic germs live. Conventional medicine tries to destroy the biofilm in order to get at the germs. To achieve this, 1000-fold doses of antibiotics would be required, with a 40-fold dose already being lethal. In addition, the healthy biofilm is also destroyed. In order to treat the pathogenic germs, they must be lured out of the biofilm and killed outside it. This is achieved by taking liposomally prepared herbs. One of the most successful substances is garlic. Put this in the blender along with a tablespoon of lecithin and take the broth. It contains about nine percent phospholipids. Mixing creates microscopic fat droplets that carry the drug. The pathogenic germs now emerge from the biofilm to eat this fat. Thus, they eat the poison contained in it, which destroys them.
Another method comes from biophysics. Magnetic fields or infrared light can also be used to reach the germs in the biofilm and inhibit their growth. This area also includes sauna therapy and homeopathy. Onbiopure.eu there are many different means for the treatment of pathogenic germs.


To treat chronic infections, aluminum, mercury and lead must be removed from our bodies. We need to reduce agrochemicals as well as electrosmog, because these are the growth factors for pathogenic germs. Various herbal mixtures are very effective for treatment. The most effective herbs are kitchen herbs that everyone knows: thyme, basil, garlic, parsley and chives. On biopure.eu there are herbal mixtures specially made for the treatment of chronic infections. Also an ultrasound device, which are already available for 30 euros, can be used for treatment.

Another special remedy is taking chlorella in high doses. In this way, expectant mothers in particular can also protect themselves from heavy exposure to environmental toxins.

All over Germany, Austria and Switzerland there are therapists who have been trained by Dr. Klinghardt and practice according to his findings. Diese findest Du über das INK Institut, oder unter www.klinghardtinstitute.com.

Medical disclaimer
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