More and more people are talking about the substance methylene blue. Why is that? How is the substance used in everyday life and what effects can it have on health? We have summarized some important facts about the dye below so that you can learn more about the topic.

What is methylene blue needed for in the body?

Another name for the blue dye is methylthioninium chloride. It is able to improve blood circulation in people with certain disorders. Depending on the symptoms, blood formation may also be improved by taking it. There are many studies on this topic that prove the effect of the dye, which is why such therapies are not only recognized but also considered safe.

Other uses of methylthioninium chloride

Methylthioninium chloride has various applications in the medical field. Not only as a therapeutic agent, but also as a dye in microbiology, for staining various germs, bacteria, other structures or cells. These can then be better recognized under the microscope. Methylthioninium chloride is also used as a dye in the production of photographs or textiles.

What good clinical results with methylene blue are worth mentioning?

  1. Methylthioninium chloride is rated as a very effective antioxidant. It is very good at binding free radicals that would otherwise cause oxidative stress in the body. Many substances that you come into contact with every day are rich in free radicals. You constantly absorb these through food, the air you breathe, cosmetics, dental fillings and clothing. In order for the organism to work properly and strengthened, it must be protected from free radicals or freed from them. As with other antioxidants, the use of methylthioninium chloride can be helpful.
  2. In clinical studies, methylthioninium chloride has not only proven to be an effective antioxidant, but also a booster for increased memory performance. Anyone suffering from impaired brain or memory function, dementia, Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases can at best experience an improvement by taking the dye. People who suffer from such diseases and take methylthioninium chloride often notice a relief of their symptoms. Not only can they remember better, they can also participate more intensively in daily life. This effect can be attributed to the antioxidant properties of the dye. Due to its structure, methylene blue is also able to reach the nerve cells in the brain, which means that the antioxidant effect can take place directly in these areas.
  3. The long-term effects of certain viral diseases and genetic effects are often associated with a wide variety of physical complaints. The use of methylthioninium chloride has proven helpful in the past to neutralize them successfully. Good results have been observed in the treatment of long-term symptoms and complaints caused by the C virus. For those affected who have taken part in gene expirement or have had a C virus infection and suffer from long-term symptoms, it is possible to try to obtain relief by taking methylthioninium chloride.

How can methylene blue therapy be successful?

Once you have realized for yourself with the help of our PraxisFamily test method that taking methylene blue can be a helpful solution for you, you should look around for a provider that convinces you. Various manufacturers offer methylene blue as an antioxidant on the market.

The dosage instructions may vary depending on the manufacturer. Under no circumstances should you exceed the maximum daily intake specified by the manufacturer. The manufacturer “” is one of the recommended suppliers of methylthioninium chloride. You will find a link to the manufacturer below, along with a code for a purchase discount.

When is methylene blue therapy recommended?

Chronic complaints following viral illnesses or genetic experiments are always a nuisance. Not only do they reduce well-being, they can even increase in intensity over time. It can therefore be helpful if you start a therapy with methylthioninium chloride so that free radicals are eliminated from the body.

The reduction of free radicals in the body always has the positive effect of noticeably reducing oxidative stress in the body. The fact that your body’s self-healing powers can then become more active means that many users experience a significant improvement in their symptoms. The use of methylthioninium chloride is a remedy of choice if you suffer from symptoms after a viral illness or if your memory/brain performance is impaired.

Many people who suffer from complaints caused by oxidative stress can increase the effect of a therapy by eliminating free radicals if they also keep a treatment diary. You can use it to record not only your own feelings during therapy, but also the type and amount of food you eat each day.

Simply write down what you ate and drank and when, and how you felt afterwards. This way you can also optimize your diet and understand your body better.

The contents offered here serve exclusively for neutral information and general further education. They do not constitute a recommendation or advertisement of the diagnostic methods, treatments or drugs described or mentioned. The text makes no claim to completeness, nor can the topicality, accuracy and balance of the information provided be guaranteed. The text in no way replaces the expert advice of a doctor or pharmacist and may not be used as a basis for independent diagnosis and the beginning, modification or termination of treatment of diseases. Always consult a doctor of your choice if you have health questions or complaints! DiePraxisFamily Lld. and the authors accept no liability for inconvenience or damage resulting from the use of the information presented here.

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