In recent years, the issue of plastics has become very important, not least due to climate change. However, certain components from plastic packaging, especially PET bottles, are not only harmful to our environment, but also to our health. The plastic bottles, for example, release toxic substances such as BPA into the contents. This dangerous substance is also found on sales slips and enters the body through the skin on the hands. It is also possible that dental fillings contain BPA. With environmental dentists, the fillings are usually BPA free. Even sealants, which are often used on children, may contain plasticizers. In principle, all foods packaged in plastic, especially sausage and cheese, can transfer toxic plasticizers to the food. In this article you will learn which problems plastics cause in our body and how you can detoxify your body in a targeted manner.

BPA – What is that actually?

BPA (bisphenol A) is a huge problem for our body. BPA is a xenohormone, which means it has a hormone-like structure and is similar to estrogen. This ensures that a kind of pseudo estrogen surplus develops in the body. This is a major problem for men as it can weaken libido and promote breast growth. It can also weaken testosterone and, in the worst cases, even cause cancer. Excess estrogen is also bad for women. The xenohormones attach themselves to the receptors of the normal estrogens and prevent the natural estrogen from reaching the receptors. As a result, a relative hormone deficiency develops and can promote major problems in hormone metabolism and ultimately metabolism in the long run. If you have hormonal problems, be sure to consider the plasticizers in plastic as a possible cause.

In addition to hormone balance, the intestinal environment and intestinal flora are also negatively affected by BPA. BPA creates the optimal soil for negative pathogenic germs in the body, which makes room for parasites and inflammation. The resulting disturbed intestinal flora then affects the entire body and can lead to a wide variety of symptoms and clinical pictures. It’s hard to believe, but chronic diseases may well have their origin in plasticizers in plastic packaging.

But that’s not all! BPA can affect bone metabolism and especially dental metabolism. In children with chalky teeth, in which the bones do not set properly, the main cause is plastic softeners. The teeth cannot form properly because the metabolism is disturbed. There is a separate article on this. In principle, however, detoxification is always necessary in such cases.

BPA exposure during pregnancy

If pregnant women are exposed to high levels of BPA during their pregnancy, the baby may also be exposed and develop problems in the formation of its brain, or, in boys, with the formation of the prostate. In very general terms, the development of boys comes from bathing in testosterone. However, if all unnatural hormones are present as well as estrogen, the boy may develop incorrectly. If possible, even with other backgrounds, detoxification should take place first if pregnancy is planned. Thus, the baby can be protected at an early stage.

The detoxification of plasticizers

There are several ways to detoxify the body from plasticizers. On the homeopathic level, nosodes can be prepared or detoxified via the Clean Slate remedy from the Root company. This can bind BPA very well and drain it from the body. Using our Dr. Mama test system, you can find out which harmful substances your body is burdened with and then detoxify it in a targeted manner.

After successful detoxification, it naturally makes sense to load the body with as little plastic as possible in the future. There are already plastic-free alternatives for many types of packaging, and drinks such as water or juice in particular should be consumed from glass bottles. In doing so, you’re not only doing yourself a big favor, but also the environment.

Medical disclaimer
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