Neurodermatitis is a widespread disease, which can occur in varying intensity regardless of age. In most cases, the disease progresses chronically and in relapses. The worst affected are babies, because they can not help themselves and do not understand the skin reactions. In this article you will learn what causes neurodermatitis and how it can be improved.

Neurodermatitis is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system fights against its own body. But why does this happen?

There are several causes that can trigger or aggravate the disease. However, not only the immune system of the skin plays a role here, but mainly the immune system of the intestine. There are still a number of doctors who claim that skin problems are genetic and can only be treated symptomatically, however, almost all skin problems have their cause in the intestine.

Although there are genetic deficits that can promote neurodermatitis, this is not the only trigger for the disease. In the end, the question arises as to how the deficits manifest themselves and what symptoms show themselves. However, it is a fact that those who suffer from neurodermatitis have a certain form of genetic weakness, which manifests itself through the skin.

The connection between neurodermatitis and our gut

If the intestines are doing well, this is reflected in the skin. Some causes lead to the development of atopic dermatitis or make it worse. The main causes include the following:

1. food intolerances

Dairy products as well as gluten cause the immune system to overreact, especially in the connective tissue. Not all milk proteins are broken down and therefore end up in the connective tissue. In some circumstances, the immune system fights the protein because it cannot distinguish whether it is a bacterium or not. The immune system becomes overactive, which is then reflected in the skin. A latent inflammation develops in the intestine, which in turn can lead to chronic infections.
Frequently, sufferers report that neurodermatitis is made worse by stress. This is clear because all immune responses are additionally amplified during stress. Nevertheless, it is important to know that the disease is not triggered by stress alone. Avoiding dairy products as well as gluten can significantly improve the disease.

2. poisonings

Exposure to mercury, cadmium and aluminum in the body can also be responsible for the autoimmune disease. In this case, detoxification of the body helps those affected.
Caution is also advised with vaccinations: There are some children who develop neurodermatitis shortly after a vaccination. Everyone must make their own judgment on this, but it may still make sense to have a genetic test done before your child’s first vaccination to see if a reaction to all the contaminants in the vaccine would be possible ahead of time. If this case has already occurred, certain detoxification measures can help to endblock the vaccination. This is not always successful, but it can work.

If neurodermatitis occurs in a breastfeeding baby, it is essential to examine the mother. It may be that breast milk contains substances that irritate the baby’s immune system. In such a case, the mother must be treated.

3. gastric acid deficiency

In adults and older children, gastric acid deficiency may be responsible for immune system overreaction. This can be tested. Provided that intestinal health is improved, symptoms also improve.

4. problems with the conversion of omega 6 fatty acids.

Due to a genetic defect, there are patients who cannot convert the omega-6 fatty acids taken in through the diet into gamma-linolenic acid. This makes the skin prone to inflammatory reactions. In such cases, the omega-6 fatty acids can be supplied directly as gamma-linolenic acid, for example in the form of walnut oil.

In order to treat neurodermatitis, it is first necessary to clarify the causes, for example via our Dr. Mama system or by means of remote testing, and to follow the tips mentioned above. Thus, nothing stands in the way of an improvement or possibly cure of the disease. Above all, patients gain enormously in quality of life through, for example, small changes in diet.

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