Know yourself if you want to become wise – Human Design is one of the best ways to do just that.
In 1987, the physicist Alan Robert Krakower discovered the Human Design System with the help of Peter Schülber and has since developed it further. How you can use this system optimally for you, you will learn in this article.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a kind of advanced “horoscope” that helps you to better recognize and understand your own and your fellow human beings’ behavior.

The development of the Human Design System is based on astrology, modern physics and knowledge of quantum physics and neutrinos. Neutrinos are tiny particles that can penetrate everything that exists in the world. The Chinese I Ching with its 64 hexagrams as well as the Kabbalah from numerology also influence human design. The combination of all these systems makes an unbelievable self-knowledge possible for the individual person on the basis of few data.

In general, Human Design serves to answer or explain various questions. For example, it can shed light on why we react appropriately in certain situations or why our children have very different personalities.
It helps to better understand oneself as well as one’s fellow human beings and thus to become more just to them. It is often easier to respond to others if you are familiar with their behavior.

On the website you can create a so-called Free Chart. All you need to do is enter your name, date and place of birth. Your personal human design pattern will be created. This figure shows nine centers, with the most important, meaningful information being listed. A distinction is made between four basic types:

1st Manifestor: The Manifestor is someone who develops ideas from within himself, makes inventions and says where things go. He is usually a visionary.
The 2nd projector: The projector is very talented in organization and planning. He always has an eye on the schedule and can manage super.
The 3rd the generator: This type concerns the mass of people. These work as long as they have energy.
The 4th manifesting generator: The manifesting generator is basically similar to the generator. However, he can implement certain ideas or orders very well and listen more to his personal intuition.

Within these four types there are certain classes. These numbers reveal how the own type is filled in.
Both authority and strategy play a role.

Authority tells you what you should listen to when you make your own decisions. There are few specific centers that are relevant to you.
Strategy, on the other hand, describes the way you interact with your environment. It becomes clear whether you are more likely to react or whether you let yourself be questioned before you do something.

All these insights can help to go through life more focused and thus achieve better results. Understanding one’s self better helps to reduce pressure and accept situations as they are.

Each of the nine centers has certain characteristics. If they are defined, they are fixed and cannot be influenced. If, on the other hand, the center is open for changes, learning, but also for possible manipulation. The open centers are usually the centers that cause us difficulties in life because they allow us to grow and learn, which is not always easy. The nine centers are as follows: Head Center, Throat Center, Self Center, Ego Center, Emotional Center, Spleen Center, Sacral Center, Root Center and Solar Plexus Center.

The Free Chart offers a first insight into the extensive topic of Human Design. Of course, all literature is available. It takes a lot of time and curiosity to fully understand Human Design. But once you have understood your self, you can grow with this knowledge.

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