We as PraxisFamily were made aware of a product some time ago, the effect of which we were skeptical about. We then bought this product and still did not use it for about a year. Until Matthias himself, as a result of a sports injury, suffered from severe back tension and could not get a good grip on it with the usual treatment measures. The acupressure mat from Pranamat has provided relief – and that already after the second application! How the Pranamat works, you will learn in this article.

The Pranamat acupressure mat

The Pranamat is a kind of “spiked mat” and, with its many small spikes, ensures that certain stimuli are set into the tissue during application. In science, the effect of acupressure as well as acupuncture has been known for a long time and it has been proved that the application produces reactivation of tissues and improvement of blood circulation. If certain pain impulses are set, pain regeneration also improves in the same way, if pain is present. Through acupuncture or, for example, with the help of neural therapy, the body system is made aware of these painful areas and then tries to achieve healing there. The body discovers through the treatment, especially also through a treatment with the Pranamat, places that may have been blind spots before. By promoting blood circulation, which is also stimulated by this pain impulse, the whole tissue and milieu at the site is improved.

The beauty of the Pranamat treatment is, on the one hand, the possibility of self-treatment at home – just lie on it and enjoy. On the other hand, however, that the treatment is bloodless, that is, without injuries, as they are, for example, in acupuncture. In addition to the treatment of pain and tense muscles, the use of the Pranamat achieves a strong feeling of energy gain and warmth. In the beginning, using the mat is unfamiliar and may even be uncomfortable, so we recommend initially either placing a towel between your back and the mat or wearing thin clothing during the first few applications. Gradually the body gets used to it, so that after a few applications the mat can be used on bare skin.

Especially for pain, tension, sore muscles and chronic pain issues, the acupressure mat can work wonders. But even without acute or chronic pain, regular use of Pranamat is useful, because it gives energy and improves blood circulation in the long term. This keeps the tissue healthy. You definitely don’t make one with this mat. Matthias from PraxisFamily uses the Pranamat every morning as a little morning routine and spends ten minutes on the mat. To the back part there are extensions such as a pillow and a foot part, which can provide even more energy to the body. A small meditation in the morning on the Pranamat provides Matthias with valuable energy throughout the day and hardly costs him any time.

Of course, in the case of pain, it is important to differentiate where it comes from. Is the pain muscular and fascial or does it affect deeper areas like the joints? With certain pain diseases the sole application of the Pranamat does not help, there it needs still further measures, nevertheless the Pranamat can contribute supporting the healing. The Pranamat works wonders for all areas of pain for which, for example, massages also help – and you don’t even need a second person to use it.

We as PraxisFamily can highly recommend this product and now use it regularly for our patients.

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