There are more and more word abbreviations that cannot be immediately identified by interested readers. Surely you feel the same way about the abbreviation AMPK. To find out what is behind this abbreviation, you should read on.

What is AMPK?

If you want to prolong your life in a meaningful way, you should not do without certain foods, trace elements, spices and other food components. So that you can plan your diet cleverly and thoughtfully, you should follow the further explanations, so that we can help you with our proven PraxisFamilySystem very specifically.

To be able to achieve longevity of the human organism, there are different strategies and ideas. In order to ensure long-term, stable health, the organism must be supplied with certain substances through food or as dietary supplements.

These substances include AMPK, which is also known as adenosine monophosphate and is an enzyme responsible for an activating protein kinase. The resulting enzyme is necessary to ensure an ATP protein, which the mitochondria for energy production in the organism, produce.

How important is ATP?

ATP is of vital importance in the organism and is needed for almost all important processes in the body / organism. Regular breathing is important for the organism to produce ATP to the extent that this substance is present in the organism in sufficient quantities. If there were a lack of ATP in the organism, not only the energy metabolism would suffer, but also the supply of energy. One consequence of this can be that a lack of energy leads to diabetes.

It is therefore crucial that there is enough ATP in the body every day so that energy metabolism can be perfectly supported. If this support by ATP could not be ensured, secondary / deficiency diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, could occur.

A latent danger for the cardiovascular system

A lack of ATP can mean very diverse dangers for the entire organism. Not only can cardiovascular problems occur, but due to a lack of energy, a shutdown of the entire energy system cannot be prevented. This circumstance would lead to regeneration problems and clearly noticeable fatigue.

The once known power and strength is then no longer available and the resistance in everyday life noticeably dwindles. If the AMPK in the body decreases, the resistance and the possibility of regeneration of the organism also decreases. To be able to prevent this, the necessary foods, spices and trace elements should be present in the daily diet.

Cardiovascular system

Giving the body what it needs

Unlike animals, most people have forgotten how to instinctively feel what their own body needs to absorb through food. Therefore, it happens again and again that despite a comprehensive diet deficiency symptoms occur, which can be remedied not only with the help of dietary supplements, but also with physical training. These include:

  • Physical activities, preferably during the day when the sun is shining
  • Calorie reduction, e.g. through intermittent fasting (in which a meal is dispensed with in the morning or evening), weight loss is thus promoted and the metabolism increased
  • a regular stay in the sunlight (also increases the body’s own production of vitamin D)
  • Food supplements, such as berberine, resveratrol, quercetin, curcumin (turmeric) in food as a spice ( in combination with black pepper), alpha lipoic acid (contained in tomatoes, broccholi, spinach, offal and meat) is a sulfur-containing fatty acid that has an antioxidant effect
  • green tea / matcha tea

With a balanced, healthy diet, you do not need to take the important ingredients in high doses. It is important that all ingredients are present in sufficient quantities so that the necessary AMPK can be produced by the organism itself in sufficiently high doses.

healthy eating

There are many ways to support the body’s health, including

Numerous foods contain healthy ingredients. It can be very positive if you are familiar with these and can optimize your diet based on your expertise. On the other hand, man has a natural instinct. This shows you when you have an appetite for a certain food that it is beneficial for you at that moment. It is therefore advisable in any case to concentrate on your gut feeling.

Using the PraxisFamilySystem to analyze your own needs more precisely, to be able to

We are always happy to assist you in everyday life, with our PraxisFamilySystem, if you would like to analyze your physical needs for yourself in more detail. Just follow our advice and test for yourself what is particularly beneficial to your personal health.

We will be happy to assist and support you in achieving your path to healthy eating and intuitive body health for yourself. The path is not as difficult as you might think, if you can be more mindful of your own sensations and physical signals. Many health problems can then be contained naturally.

The contents offered here serve exclusively for neutral information and general further education. They do not constitute a recommendation or advertisement of the diagnostic methods, treatments or drugs described or mentioned. The text makes no claim to completeness, nor can the topicality, accuracy and balance of the information provided be guaranteed. The text in no way replaces the expert advice of a doctor or pharmacist and may not be used as a basis for independent diagnosis and the beginning, modification or termination of treatment of diseases. Always consult a doctor of your choice if you have health questions or complaints! DiePraxisFamily Lld. and the authors accept no liability for inconvenience or damage resulting from the use of the information presented here.

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