Many people believe that a smartwatch can have a positive impact on health. It not only shows the time. It measures the pulse, can replace the smartphone and can mostly also display the body fat percentage and BMI.

For health-conscious people, a smartwatch gives the impression that they can always monitor and optimize their own health. However, this is not quite as it seems. As PraxisFamily, we will show you below what health risks the use of a smartwatch can entail.

What can a smartwatch do?

At first glance, the use of a smartwatch seems to make sense. Manufacturers like to show what fitness trackers or smartwatches have to offer. They record health-related data, such as:

  • Pulse
  • BMI
  • Body fat percentage

but also have a Bluetooth function and can be connected to the WLAN. These functions allow wearers of fitness trackers and smartwatches to transfer the collected data to a PC so that it can not only be stored, but also analyzed by a computer program. The manufacturers do not talk about the health risks you expose yourself to when you permanently wear a smartwatch. The verifiable electrosmog is gladly concealed. Depending on the design, a smartwatch is LTE-capable and can replace a smartphone.

smartwatch radiation harmful

Does a smartwatch really offer the advantages that the manufacturers claim?

If you wear a smartwatch, you won’t miss a call or a message. In addition, the collected fitness data can be evaluated by computer if desired. Athletes, but also users with circulatory problems, can use a smartwatch to better monitor their own heart health at first glance.

However, the collection of body-related data can also cause just the opposite, not to mention the health risks posed by the constant electrosmog of a smartwatch with Bluetooth.

Anyone who records, looks at and evaluates their body-related data on a daily basis wants to improve it if possible. Therefore, smartwatch users put themselves under pressure to perform if they feel they are not fit enough. You start with a light workout, steadily increasing the expectation of your own body fitness.

The values displayed by a smartwatch are not always unambiguous

Most fitness trackers or smartwatches are usually worn by medical laypeople. Only the values that appear on the display are then of interest. These should be as good as possible. If irregular heartbeats then occur due to stress, panic sets in.

Many smartwatch users then go directly to a hospital emergency department or primary care physician. The body-related values that fitness trackers and smartwatches display are often misunderstood or interpreted more negatively than they are by laypeople. As a result, they lead to insecurity, which can trigger physical stress.

Health risks with the use of a smartwatch

What are the health risks associated with using a smartwatch?

Man has a meridian system that belongs to the various information pathways of the organism. It is an electrical information system connected to its acupuncture points and organs. Meridians are detectable and can be measured with the help of special devices. Thus, acupuncture points can be precisely determined and found based on measurable current differences.

The microcurrents of the meridians are sensitive to interference. Not only by metal jewelry / rings on the body, but also by electrosmog, such as the Bluetooth function of a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. Due to these disturbances, misdirection occurs in the area of the meridians, affecting the areas of the body that are connected to the respective meridians.

What are the symptoms of Bluetooth and electrosmog?

Organs that are connected to disturbed meridians receive too much or, too little energy as a result. The symptoms caused by Bluetooth or electrosmog are therefore not clearly recognizable in every case.

If you don’t think about health risks caused by electrosmog from a smartwatch, it takes a long time to be able to assign the complaints that occur to a cause. Organs that respond to disturbed meridians due to electrosmog include:

  • Heart
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Spleen

The longer the energetic circuits of the meridians are disturbed by electrosmog, the more clearly a weakening of the organs to be assigned occurs. A weakened organ can no longer perform its physical tasks properly. This results in symptoms of poisoning and / or cell changes.

Even the battery of a conventional wristwatch generates microcurrents that disturb meridians. The health risks of a smartwatch with Bluetooth are therefore considerably higher due to electrosmog than the meridian disturbances caused by metal bangles, metal rings or battery-powered wristwatches.

Symptoms due to Bluetooth and electrosmog

What should be considered when using a smartwatch?

Anyone wearing an LTE-enabled smartwatch with Bluetooth on their wrist must be aware that it represents a constant interference field that affects the entire biosystem. Short periods of use do not affect the organism as negatively as if you wear the smartwatch around the clock every day.

It makes a real difference whether you wear a fitness tracker (without Bluetooth and LTE) only briefly to check it during workouts, or continuously. Therefore, always remember that wearing a smartwatch weakens your organism and robs you of strength that you certainly need more urgently elsewhere.

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