Insomnia is a common problem and many of us know it: poor and insufficient sleep. Problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night make us feel tired and exhausted during the day. Performance and satisfaction suffer greatly in the long run. In everyday life, this constant fatigue really gets to you. But this does not have to be! In this article you will learn how a weighted blanket can help you sleep better and in which areas you can also use it.

What is a weight blanket?

Under the use of a weighted blanket is not understood to simply cover yourself with a thicker blanket. A weight blanket is a specially made blanket into which heavy sand is worked. Such a blanket has a weight of seven to fifteen kilograms. Most manufacturers supply the blanket with a removable, washable cover, so the blanket is hygienic and durable. So it is recommended to invest once in a high-quality blanket, which you will then enjoy for a long time.

Find the right weight for your body

The recommended weight for the use of a weighted blanket is of course higher for adults than for children, but it is generally considered not to exceed ten to twelve percent of one’s own body weight. So, for an adult weighing 80 kilograms, this corresponds to about eight kilograms. For comparison, a child with a body weight of only 40 kilograms should use a blanket weighing about 4 kilograms.

Health advantage of a weight blanket

Various studies have shown that putting weight on the body creates deep pressure, also known as low pressure therapy, which causes the body to enter a state of relaxation. We know this feeling from massages, for example, after which we usually feel relaxed and sleepy. But also of hugs that give us a feeling of security. The effect of a weighted blanket on the human body works similarly. In the body’s biochemistry, the pressure exerted causes an increase in the production of serotonin. At the same time, the production of cortisol is reduced. Melatonin is produced from the extracted serotonin, which ensures that we can fall asleep quickly and sleep relaxed through the night. Thus, if more serotonin is present, more melatonin can in turn be produced, resulting in better sleep quality in the long run.

In a study with use of a weight blanket 91 per cent of the participants said that they feel well with the blanket and find it pleasant. They did not find the weight of the blanket on the body uncomfortable or disturbing. It is also surprising that over 70 percent of the participants with sleep disorders experienced a significant improvement in their sleep quality. This shows how effective such a ceiling. The weight cover can also help children or adolescents who have to struggle with restlessness, suffer from autism or the Asperger syndrome to get a better sleep.

Further application areas of a weight blanket

However, the weighted blanket can help you not only in terms of sleep disorders. Even in neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, when used, it can ensure that a positive calm is established in the body. In addition, it can support and reduce anxiety.

For chronic pain, deep pressure therapy can provide relief from persistent pain. This is probably also due to the increased production of serotonin. As soon as the pain is relieved, a more restful sleep sets in as a result, which significantly improves the quality of life of chronic pain patients.

The weighted blanket can be used in many ways as well as in many areas. It is recommended especially for classic sleep disorders and has already helped many patients to have more restful nights. We recommend the “Newentor” brand blanket, which has a high quality finish and also offers good value for money. For example, the blanket is available on

We wish you a lot of fun while testing and a sustainably restful sleep.


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