One thing is clear – not all water is the same. To obtain healthy and nutrient-rich water, it is recommended to use a water filter. In this article, you will find out what the differences are, what they are used for and which water filter we can recommend to you.

First of all, it should be mentioned that water filters that process the water by electrolysis and thus artificially raise or lower the pH value of the water are very bad. This water is not healthy, so you should definitely avoid this type of water filter.

Pure tap water is also not recommended, as it is heavily polluted. Although it is always said that the water in Germany is very pure and healthy, certain limits have been raised over and over again in the past decades, which means that the water quality must have deteriorated significantly over time due to various external influences. In addition, a large proportion of the pollutants that can be contained in water are not examined at all. These include, for example, residues from industry and agriculture, such as pesticides or drug residues. Although these are minimally dosed, they can still harm us. If tap water also contains a lot of lime, depending on the region, it is even worse for your health.

Choosing the right water filter

The basic rule is that water should not block regulation, because only then is it neutral and consequently healthy. Tap water always blocks regulation, as does water from plastic bottles and sparkling water. Only a few still water producers keep regulation open, including varieties from the Lauretana, Plose Wasser, St. Leonards, Brückenauer and Black Forest brands.

If the water is neutral, it is still interesting to see whether it might even have a healing effect. You can test how deep the yin state, i.e. the healing state of the water, is. With medicines, we know that if they have about two yin states, they are very healing. We have found a water filter that makes a total of seven yin states – the water filter from! But what distinguishes this from other filter systems? The filtration path of this water filter runs through different levels. First, the water is pre-filtered using membrane filtration, similar to reverse osmosis, which filters the water down to the smallest molecule. Afterwards, there are no more harmful substances such as glyphosate. The water is then floated around with phytocrystals, which contain biophoton, and mineralised with schungite. Finally, the water is swirled and enriched with oxygen so that you get optimal water. According to the manufacturer, the filtration process is about recreating the natural cycle of water. In nature, water rises, evaporates, and is shone on by the sun as it rises into the sky. The evaporation leaves behind many toxins. Then the water falls to the ground, gets into the earth, is enriched with minerals there and can then flow into rivers and springs to be enriched with oxygen. The manufacturer repeats this natural process via its developed filter system.

In addition to the health benefits, the filter system also has a brisk water flow. It’s not only super easy to use – you’ll also save yourself shopping and carrying heavy boxes of water. The filter units only need to be changed once a year. These are even available by subscription via the manufacturer.

The function of water

Water scientist Dr Cloud Vincent is the benchmark in water quality. He found out that chronically ill people often consume contaminated water, which is overloaded with toxins and lime. The water then no longer has a good effect in the body and can no longer perform its actual function. Normally it serves to bind waste products and cleanse our lymphatic system. However, if the water is contaminated from the outset, then it may no longer function as a means of transport. It is therefore important to only take in water that can absorb certain substances like a sponge and flush them out of the body. This process does not flush important minerals out of the body. This would be different, for example, if distilled water were consumed, which would lead all the good minerals out of the body.

If the water is properly filtered, it is healthier, purifies and detoxifies better and generally leads to increased performance. The quality of the water can be determined by the microsiemens measurement, which was established by Dr. Vincent. This is the electrical conductivity of water. The following values are interesting:

0 – 120 = high water quality with good purification capacity
120 – 200 = water quality is OK
200 – 300 = the water has no functions, but is not dangerous
from 300 = the water only brings toxins and poisons with it

For comparison: tap water has a value of over 500, which means it is far from healthy. The water from the filter system has a value of 60 to 100, which is optimal and can positively influence your health.

So which water filter do we recommend?

The water filter that meets all the above criteria … AND in our tests with now hundreds of patients with a deep healing effect is the filter of IdealesWasser and with the bonus code: familyhealthkongress you get 25% discount.

Click here for the interview with the manufacturer

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