The effect of water in our body

If we want to avoid cancer and stay healthy, drinking enough water is immensely important. Among other things, water ensures that the lymph fluids flow better and thus the cell supply functions much better. Provided that we have enough good water in the body, the whole removal of harmful substances in the body is ensured. We absorb all carcinogenic substances as well as a multitude of harmful substances into our bodies every day, for example through food, but also through the air we breathe. Furthermore, various processes in the body produce some waste products, which also burden our body if they are not flushed out. With a sufficient supply of water we can support our body so that all harmful substances are flushed out. This also reduces the risk of harmful substances becoming lodged in the kidneys or bladder.

The University of Cambridge has found that the risk of developing bladder cancer drops by a full sixty percent if you drink enough good water. This value is very remarkable! In addition, Oxford University has found that the risk of developing colorectal cancer also decreases.

The recommended daily drinking amount

The recommended amount to drink per day is about two to three liters, which corresponds to about six glasses, which should be drunk throughout the day. Provided that the amount is drunk at once, it will be flushed out by the body without function. The positive benefit is thus eliminated.

To remember to stay hydrated, there are several ways to do so. For example, you can set an alarm clock or, after you have drunk a glass of water empty, you can immediately provide a full glass again. So you always have the water in view and are automatically reminded to drink more. It is usually particularly difficult to keep to the drinking amount when you are out and about a lot during the day. It is advisable to start the day with a large glass of water after getting up and to always pack something to drink on the go.

Which water is healthy?

Not all water is the same. In general, you should use still water that is as low in minerals as possible. This has the best properties to absorb harmful substances from the body and thus flush them out. Unfortunately, good water is hard to buy.

Therefore, the best option is to filter the water yourself. There are many different filters which can do this. We recommend a so-called membrane filter, but it depends on what happens to the water after filtering, so that it can also be well absorbed by the body. We have found that the idealwater filter works great. You can get it at a twenty percent discount via with the discount code “Praxisfamily”. We have been testing this in our practice for years with the result that water obtained through this filter is of the best quality.

If you don’t have a filter and don’t want to get one, you should buy good water if possible.

Tap water is not recommended, as it is not low in minerals. On the contrary – it has a lot of minerals and even toxins and loads. It is therefore not healthy for the body unfiltered. The water can also hardly be absorbed by the body and has no benefit.

Medical disclaimer
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