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Age-related macular degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration is a disease of the eyes in which vision is gradually lost in the course. What triggers the disease, what exactly causes it and how you can counteract the development and aggravation, you will learn in this article. Age-related macular degeneration – what happens to the eyes? As the name of the […]

Get rid of cat hair allergy forever

Many people who suffer from cat allergy have nothing against cats and would like to have one in their home. But as soon as they are in a room with cats or are somewhere where cats have been before, their nose suddenly drips, their eyes water and breathing becomes more difficult. These are typical signs […]

Danger in the jaw – NICO and thioether

Chronic diseases often have their origin in dental health. In this context, the terms NICO and thioether are not well known, which makes the clinical pictures all the more critical. As part of our regulation diagnostics, the health of the teeth and jaw is checked as standard. What NICO and thioether are about and how […]


Dangers of a microwave

In many households it is popular – the microwave oven. Quickly and reliably, the food is warm and can be enjoyed with a clear conscience. Or maybe not? Find out how food changes when using a microwave and why this is detrimental to our health in this post. How does the microwave work? The microwave […]


The dangers of a waterbed

The question of whether waterbeds are healthy is answered differently depending on one’s perspective. From an orthopedist’s point of view, waterbeds are very suitable for combating or even preventing musculoskeletal pain, such as back pain. A waterbed optimally molds to the user’s body, and also many users confirm that due to a waterbed they suffer […]


Clean Slate from ROOT – The TOP Detox Agent

Today’s article is about a very special product that is currently conquering the detox market. We as alternative practitioners have been dealing with detoxification for many years and have been treating patients in this regard for over a decade. Within the framework of regulatory medicine, we also know the importance of detoxification measures and are […]