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SIBO – What do I do about it?

Bacteria in intestine In our small intestine as well as in the large intestine we have a variety of bacteria. This has long been controversial in the medical world, and even today there are physicians who claim that there are no bacteria in the small intestine. These should only occur in the large intestine and […]


CBD oil – miracle drug

In the meantime, many people, but especially severely or chronically ill, know that valuable CBD oil can be extracted from the hemp plant, which contributes supportively to pain reduction. In addition to the component THC, which has an intoxicating effect on the body and is therefore considered a drug, the valuable active ingredient CBD is […]

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Iodine Essential and vital

Almost everyone knows that iodine makes an important contribution to our health. But what do we actually need iodine for and from which sources can we obtain it in the best possible way? This and other facts, you will learn in this article. Iodine in the diet Es ist schwierig, Jod ausschließlich über die Nahrung […]

Finally sleep well – secret weight blanket

Insomnia is a common problem and many of us know it: poor and insufficient sleep. Problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night make us feel tired and exhausted during the day. Performance and satisfaction suffer greatly in the long run. In everyday life, this constant fatigue really gets to you. But this does not […]

Six Signs That You Need Another Career

Guest post: Author: Artur Meyster If you’ve been feeling lost at your job or just don’t feel motivated anymore but don’t know what to do, here is some help. These are six signs that will tell you if your career is the source. If you identify even a little with the signs you will read […]

Stop viruses – directly in the cell!

Especially in the cold season, they cause us all problems – the viruses! We know that there is often a virus behind an unpleasant cold, but what actually happens in our body during this time? In this article you will learn how a virus gets into the cells, what happens there and how the virus […]